Children Formulas


I’d like to know the opportunity of creating some children formulas…


I say don’t.

This is for grown-ups who can listen to their bodies and can take some pain if something goes wrong. If we break, we just need to straighten it again.

Children are developing. If you don’t give them enough of something, you may only notice when they’re 25 and can only count to 12 or can’t read.

Feed them whatever your parents fed you, take them to the doctor regularly and listen to them. Don’t give them Soylent.


That is a good way to get child services knocking on your door. This food is way to early in its development i don’t see how any parent could justify using their child as a Guinea pig for something like this.

Maybe in about 5-10 years it will be more wide spread and children might start being feed this.


I’d agree that replacing your children’s diet with soylent is a Very Bad Idea.

That said, the research I’ve been doing into nutrition while creating a soylent recipe for myself has led me to the conclusion that my kids need to take more vitamins.

I’m also intrigued as to children taking nootropics. For young kids, say pre-teens, I am sure it’s another Very Bad Idea. However, for teenagers who are in school and learning, memorizing, etc, I can’t help but wonder if there aren’t some appropriate, low does of nootropics to be utilised.

/me prepares for some flaming…

(Disclaimer: I am just contemplating here, I have no intention on getting my kids hopped up on nootropics… A multivitamin though is in order!)


Heh :wink:

Modafanil and the ADHD meds (adderall, ritalin etc) are where you can get really noticeable nootropic effects in terms of motivation and concentration. Very serious drugs though (anything that touches Dopamine isn’t to be taken lightly). Interestingly the ADHD drugs are already prescribed to children.

My understanding of the racetams the positive effects are usually quite subtle. They probably wont make a vast difference in performance. Much safer than the ADHD meds (piracetam at least).


Considering the amount by which it could raise their potential, this is a highly advisable idea. However, until it is in steady circulation it would be best not to give it to children as it may have a harmful effect on their development, as their nutritional requirements are not as strongly considered.


Is there any other considerations other than the fufillment of nutrition, safty and flavor?


For those living poor in the devoloping countries’ rural area, the children have bad daily nutrition intake, is it make sense to use Soylent as a nutrition aid for their daily life?


If you’re desperate, wait until the final recipe is out.


I concur. We are playing with things as DIY’ers, taking our health and lives into what we believe to be a proper formula. I would not advise using the DIY with children.

When the real formula comes out, if you are that desperate then I would recommend trying it.


But don’t do it without running it through your local doctor first.

Remember, the portions are for adults, not for children.


There are already some solutions for this case, cheaper and tailored for children.


Holy crap, this is Soylent, minus the whey isolate and the maltodextrin.


Thanks for the info.