Chloride content of foods?


So I ended up essentially making a whole foods version of soylent (pretty much by accident) and I realized a problem with calculating nutrients. The USDA database doesn’t track chloride as a nutrient, so I have no idea if my chloride values are correct. I would just put in potassium chloride but that would defeat the purpose of calling it a whole foods soylent. I have read that tomatoes, romaine lettuce, seaweed, and celery are all high in chloride, but cannot find a source for how much is in each of these foods. Can anyone help with a nutrient database that includes chloride?


For my whole food Ax Salad recipe, I just ignored the chloride requirement. :stuck_out_tongue:



Chloride is so readily available in our normal high-salt food supply
that there is no RDA. Infants probably need about 0.5-1 gram daily. The
amount increases with age; adults needs are the range of 1.7-5 grams
daily, but many people consume much more because of the salt content of
their diet.

So sounds like chloride isn’t something to worry about getting to much of, though it is possible. Chlorides toxicity, according to the aformentioned site

Neither problem is very common nor worthy of much concern. Large
amounts of chloride intake (more than 15 grams per day), usually in
salt, may cause some problems with fluid retention and altered acid-base
balance (although the main problem lies with the sodium). Chlorine
itself, as gas or liquid, can be very irritating and toxic.

It sounds like chlorine in everyday foods are non toxic, so you shouldn’t have worry about a taking in to much chloride. I’m afraid that everywhere I look doesn’t seem to agree on the amount. Just read on what a chloride OD causes and if you start experiencing those symptoms, adjust.

Hopefully as Soylent becomes more popular chloride will be recognized and placed in the USDA database as a tracked nutrient.


Its sort of moot because if you’re hydrating correctly and you don’t already have bad kidneys you’ll just excrete what you don’t need.

Eating too much chloride won’t cause hyperchloremia unless you had a predisposing condition (or were taking certain meds)

does that make sense?


I’m more worried about being deficient than overdosing.