Chloride content of Soylent 1.0?


So what is the chloride content of Soylent? It does not appear to be on the Nutrition facts list, also while I am at it when are we going to see a final, list of everything that is in Soylent 1.0? Like more specific amounts of everything not just “Vitamin A 33%”


Perhaps you mean whats listed on the blog at the following links?


It still does not explicitly say the chloride content… it just says “Chloride is also essential for the regulation of pH.” under the Sodium Chloride heading, sure you can calculate that out but it could be missing other sources of chloride.


That is where a majority of the chloride comes from, the only other chloride source in Soylent is in micrograms.

Most of the chloride in your body comes from the salt
(sodium chloride) you eat. Chloride is absorbed by your
intestines when you digest food. Extra chloride leaves
your body in your urine.


60% of sodium chloride is chloride, so we know there are at at least 1260 mg of chloride in Soylent.