ChocoChow, Help with excess Calcium!


Hey everyone! I made a ketogenic recipe based on People Chow 3.0.1 with QuidNYC’s keto nutrient profile.

Please check it out here:

I’m wondering what the realistic consequences are of an excess in polyunsaturated fats based on studies of ketogenic diets.


Ok first of all that amount of omega 3 is extremely dangerous and can lead to all sorts of bleeding issues. @MentalNomad has lots of great info on that. The fat profile in (s)oylent Red is better but could still be modified to be better.


Yeah, that is a LOT of EFA’s. ( EFA = Essential Fatty Acid = omega-3 and omega-6 )

Increasing EFA’s a little helps reduce inflammation by inhibiting an over-reactive immune system. Crazy-high EFA’s can actually suppress the immune system, and leave you vulnerable to disease.

Very high omega-3’s are likely to cause excessive bleeding over time. EPA & DHA over 5g can start to have that effect, but in those quantities, I’d be worried even though your omega-3’s are all plant-based (and therefore ALA instead of EPA or DHA.)

Also, I don’t know how well you can tolerate that total amount of oil…

Although flaxseed oil is generally well tolerated, high doses may cause loose stools or diarrhea (163). Allergic and anaphylactic reactions have been reported with flaxseed and flaxseed oil ingestion (164).

Give that link a good read.

If you want to play with a high-oil version of soylent, you may want to choose different oils. The oils you’re choosing (and I’m including the chia seeds as an oil source) are usually used because they are particularly high in EFA’s, and people use them to supplement a diet that’s otherwise low in EFA’s.


Hi Manticarodrigo,
Like the others above I am going to say I would be worried about how much PUFA’s you have in your diet.
My belief as a casual reader is that most people in favor of cutting out almost all carbs from their diet and going ketogenic also take the view that saturated fats are not the evil they are made out to be and can be safely consumed in much larger amounts. Some claim the lack of carbs helps reduce the omega 6 content that causes inflammation which contributes to problems with fats causing plague buildup in arteries.

So I would suggest cutting your PUFA by half or more and replacing them with something like MCT oil, although that will add to your overall cost.

I am not a doctor so any advice I give is meant only as a suggestion for further research on your part. Please be aware that much more knowledgeable people than myself (doctors) will completely disagree with everything I have said. There are also doctors that espouse this exact view point (Dr. Attila if you want someone to google). One of the problems with the whole field is there doesn’t seems to be a consensus on even the basic macro nutrients.


Hey I’ve read what you guys had to say and I’ve adjusted the recipe please check it out and tell me how I can improve it.


Looks much better now.


I’m a little worried about the excess calcium. I’ve read that supplemental calcium can cause an increased risk of kidney stones which is one of my worst fears. Should I be worried? If so, how can I replace magnesium if I eliminate the calcium/magnesium supplement?


Seeing as your at 150% of the magnesium requirement you can probably tone down the cal/mag supplement. You can also separate the two and save some money by going with Magnesium Gluconate and Dicalcium Phosphate. The Choline and Potassium citrates will help prevent kidney stones because the citrate will metabolize as bicarbonate in the blood which acts as a buffer to the acidity caused by protein digestion.


I think I fixed all of the issues I was having, please check it out and let me know what you think. Also, this recipe is absolutely delicious.


The omega-3’s seem to of crept up on you again. They are probably fine where they are. Just something to look at.


Agreed - but you’re getting ALA from the Chia seeds, not EPA and DHA from fish oil, so it may not be cause for concern.

Looks pretty well-balanced, now.

The fiber is pretty high - not a bad thing, but I’m curious how it’s treating you in terms of GI issues?


I don’t understand what the issue if with high fiber and GI. I’m trying to search for the relationship but I don’t quite grasp the issue.


Sorry - in the context of high or low GI foods, GI meanss “Glycemic Index.”

But int the context of GI issues or GI distress, GI means “gastro-intestinal.”

Asking about “GI issues” is a way of saying, “how’s the gas?”


Thank you for the clarification. I’ll let you know once I’ve been on this recipe for longer since I’m on my second day.