Cholesterol Before and After 5 weeks of soylent


Using the following formula - Total Cholesterol = HDL + LDL + (Triglycerides x .20)
My cholesterol dropped from 242 to 188
LDL from 165 to 108
HDL from 35 to 35
Triglycerides from 210 to 223

I am a moderate to heavy drinker so my triglycerides are likely high due to this.
I will probably add fish oil and a vitamin D supplement to hopefully raise my HDL.I am vitamin D deficient.

I have maintained a sedentary lifestyle (before soylent and now) to minimize the variables associated with my cholesterol.
My diy soylent also has some cholesterol (38.79 per 2000 kcal) from the muscle milk and mega men sport (primarily to help with taste, but I have found some freeze-dried fruit powder that may make people’s choice palatable). Once I finish this batch I will likely have to move off these two if the fish oil and vitamin D doesn’t do the trick. I may also try to bump the Niacin further to help reduce the LDL.


I should also mention I am not 100% soylent. I consume 2-3 muggle meals (dinners) per week, wife’s orders.


“Muggle meals.” Can this be an official thing? I think it should be an official thing. I’ll add it somewhere in the subreddit FAQ, :smiley: .


PLEASE! xD we should make it oficial. Muggle Meals!!