Choline Headaches


Just wondering If anyone else is getting these and if you have a good alternative(Less or substitute). I have just started soylent with the people chow recipe and these headaches just came to me. They also tend to stick for several hours.



Did you happen to exceed the daily AI of choline?


How do you know it’s the choline giving you headaches?
What type choline are you using; choline bitartrate, choline citrate, or soy lecithin as the source?


Are you consuming the recommended amount of water each day?

(Eight, 8-ounce glasses per day is the typical recommendation although the science is a bit more complex. For instance, one method of calculation is to multiply your current weight by 0.5 to reach the quantity of ounces of water you should intake per day. Anyone who is over 128 points is going to hit that stereotypical 8x8 number. If you’re heavier then you should consume more water.)

I can usually trace headaches these days to insufficient hydration in the hours prior to a headache starting.


What makes you suspect choline? We’re you getting massive doses before and suspect the reduction to be the issue?

It would be more likely from the sudden increase in potassium, or from poor hydration as stated by @Discourse391.

Potassium can give massive headaches and other nasty symptoms if you suddenly increase your intake, and many people don’t get near the RDI in their previous diets, so it’s suspect in these cases. You can avoid the symptoms by gradually increasing your intake over several days.


I can confirm that I get headaches when ramping up my potassium to 100% of the DV (after getting half or less for a long time.)

I also stop getting headaches after two days.