Choline in Bitartrate - corrected


Choline = C5H14NO
Tartrate = C4H4O6

edit: fixed values according to pa5tabear

Choline Bitartrate = C5H14NO - C4H4O6
which is 104g - 148g with one mol each.

This means 1g of Choline Bitartrate has 0.41g of pure Choline. :smiley:


Excellent contribution my friend, thank you for your work. :slight_smile:


I don’t think you’re correct.

I’m pretty sure bitartrate means the tartrate anion is bonded to a hydrogen. Bitartrate is not two tartrate anions. It’s like Sodium Bicarbonate, which is sodium bonded to carbonate+hydrogen.

The total molecular weight is 253 g/mol, and the mass fraction of choline is 0.41 g choline per gram of choline bitartrate.



alright, haha I’m so glad it’s not a mistake in potassium or calcium calculation because in this one everyone is going for 0.5g-1g regardless of actual choline content :smiley: fixed
but also, thx for the correction but i wonder how it takes 112 view for someone to notice this :frowning: i’m sorry


Thanks guys! I’ve rubber-stamped this in the ingredient database.