Choline in lecithins


Since I don’t use oats, I don’t add lecithin myself except for the miniscule amounts contained in my whey products.

I’m still a bit interested in this though:

Those of you using it, do you take into account the amount of choline contained (when/if supplementing choline separately)?

32 gram sunflower lecithin syrup contain 544mg Choline
15 gram soy lecithin granules contain 450mg Choline



This is a good point CB. I use soy lecithin as a source of fat as well as a source of choline. Not only does this cut down on my costs for MCT powder and Choline, but given the decent price, it affords me the option of finding a nootropic choline source - which is different from nutritional choline. I have yet to try it, but I am eager to.


I had not, actually.

Updating my formula with that in mind and, sure enough over 200% more choline than the RDA. This in mind, the tolerable upper limit for my age / gender is 3.5g, and I’m still getting less than 1g. It’s also naturally synthesized in the body if you get enough B12 and folic acid, so going under the RDA probably isn’t bad either, which could allow me to cut out choline from my diet entirely, saving about… 03c a day, lol.


still well within bounds for me but good catch!


The hacker school soylent recipe makes use of this feature by letting lecithin serve as the primary source of choline. I’ve started doing it too since I saw it.