Choline necessary for DIY soylent


i investigated a little bit and the german wikipedia writes, that the body is able to sythetisize Choline as long as there’s enough folate. That it was formerly known ad vitamin B4, but not anymore. @rob I see the official soylent doesn’t have it included as well?!

I see, that many DIY recipes contain Choline-bitartrate to fulfill the needs of the nutrient profile. You know, having a 100% recipe is kind of a quality signature for a recipe.

Now where is the sense in that? Maybe remove it from the calculator, who to tag for this? Or maybe there IS sense in taking Choline with nutrition

Look at the ingredients of Soylent. “Vitamin and Mineral Blend” is the 4th ingredient. Choline is the 3rd ingredient in that blend.

In the mean time you can make a custom nutrient profile with the choline requirement set to 0 so that it doesn’t show as incomplete. Many people do this with sulfur already.

That sounds dangerous to just ignore a necessary nutrient…

Some people (as well as the official Soylent) get additional choline from the soy lecithin as well as the added choline bitartrate.

Choline is very important, and the RDA is probably too low. Your body can make some, but not nearly the quantity you should have. Soylent has a good amount from both Choline Bitartrate and Soy Lecithin, though, so I don’t know why you think it doesn’t.

As an aside, I much prefer Soy Lecithin as a choline source. Choline Bitartrate tastes terrible and is so concentrated you have to measure it precisely. Soy Lecithin granules taste pretty good and can be measured more easily. Plus, lecithin is an emulsifier, which most DIYs generally need.


thanks for the info. I really thought body synthesis would be enough. I’ll try soy lecitin.

The question is a little old, but nevertheless, I came up with the same.

To be honest, before getting into the DIY I never heared of choline. And it seems I am not the only one in Germany. You don’t find it in the nutrition information of foods, it’s not included in any multivitamin supplement I know, and it’s hard to find some info about.

So, what’s the deal? Are Germans specian and don’t need choline? Is everyone suffering from a malnutrition and isn’t even aware? Or is it in our food, but nobody cares about?

So I am not sure if I really want to put it in my DIY. Not that I would mind the few cents of extra costs, but I am not a fan of putting unnessesary stuff with possible side effects into my food.

It’s not included in any multivitamins to my knowledge, as the (US) requirement of 550mg would be quite bulky for a multivitamin. Generally people get quite a bit of choline from meat, fish, dairy and eggs amongst other things, so it’s generally not necessary to supplement (though it is beneficial to take with racetams if using them).

I’d say it’s a very good idea to supplement. The following quote (from the bottom of the ‘Sings and Symptoms of Choline Deficiency’ section of this page explains why:

“Researchers used to believe that we could make enough choline on our own but are finding out otherwise in recent years, hence the addition of choline to the list of required nutrients.”

I am unsure exactly what this refers to (I can try to find out if you wish), but my take from it is that it’s best to supplement, especially if you’re intending to use your DIY for 100% of your food.

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