Choose-able Versions Of Soylent You'd Like To See


If (when) in the future, there is an ability to choose different versions of Soylent (not flavors, but formulations), what do you think would be popular enough to be sustainable/profitable?

Off the top of my head:

  • Training/Workout version (higher protein, for those who have active lifestyles)
  • Caloric Restriction Version (Lower calories per day for those limiting calories to live longer lives) Note: This could also be the “diet” version of Soylent for those trying to lose weight.
  • “Standard” Male version
  • “Standard” Female version

What others would there be? Obviously it would be easier/cheaper to have a certain number of versions to choose from rather than to make Soylent completely customize-able, so I was just wondering which versions you guys thought would sell well.


I’m not sure a caloric restriction version is really necessary; offering a “one week canister” option (for every mix offered) would be much more versatile. Those practicing caloric restriction could just reduce the amount of powder they use (of their preferred mix) without having to worry about frequent partial bags.


A version for children.

And, in the very distant future, custom macro ratios.


Yes, but then the nutrients are lowered as well if you cut the amount of powder you consume. Lower calories, but with the same amount of nutrients is what would be optimal for these individuals.

I’m just going off of some of the life extension forums where I have had feedback. Those who I have talked with would prefer not cutting nutrients but getting less calories.

Also, you would want people to be satiated. Just cutting back on powder could leave people hungry,


I was under the impression that nutrients were directly (for the most part) related to overall calories. I.E. Generally, if you burn more calories, you “use up” more nutrients.


Generally speaking (obviously, there might be exceptions) people who adhere to a caloric restriction diet try to get all of the nutrients needed to function. This could be through supplementation or just what they eat. They attempt to lower calories without lowering the vitamins/minerals/macros/etc. that they get in a day. They still want 100% daily value of whatever the item is, just at a lower calorie ratio,

I am not sure about burning up more calories. That would depend on exercise and other attributes of a lifestyle, I suppose. I am just talking about caloric restriction and the people who practice it for life extension.


How about a dry crunchy “kibble” version of Soylent? That would be my ideal version. Hopefully will include a guide so you would know approximately how much you need, given, weight, age, gender, activity level.


That’s a big one, IMHO. And it would really help attract more “fitness nuts”. haha
Calorie reduced, too, as well as calories+ (say, 2300, 2600, whatever)

“Ready to eat” - be it premixed liquid or solid “bars” (think Clif bars) - sold in stores.


How about a “ships tomorrow” version?


Macronutrients generally scale to calories needs, but proteins have minima, and essential fats also have minima.

For micronutrients, it varies. Some scale with metabolism, some scale with size (and metabolism tends to scale with size), but some seem relatively fixed, as far as we can measure. Generally, people doing caloric restriction try to eat macro-poor but micro-dense foods, because they are trying to hit the normal marks for vitamins and minerals while eating less calories.


I’d like a preservative add-on.

I tend to make a full pitcher of soylent at a time, because it’s easier to measure that way, but I only drink half a pitcher a day and I don’t always remember to drink a bottle a day. This means that it’s not unusual for me to have half a pitcher left on the 3rd or 4th day and I find the freshness to be quite suspect at that point.

That said, I’d make it an add-on, rather than a fixed formulations, because I imagine it would be something people getting any of the other formulas might also want (for instance, I’d like to get it with a fitness formulation).


Fitness nuts would LOVE this. One of the phrases of body builders is: “If you want to get big, you have to eat big”.

One of the major issues of a body builder is getting everything they need in their diet. There is constant calorie counting and cooking involved or stuffing food down their throats. It can be an expensive time consuming chore.

Wouldn’t it be great if you just received the proper macro ratio + amount of protein + amount of calories already pre-made for you? All you would have to do is make sure you finish the pitcher and you are already comforted knowing you got everything you needed in the day.


I’d like to see a version with even less protein, or switch to a different protein source. That Ensure stuff is easy to digest, they use a combination milk protein concentrate and soy protein isolate. Ensure is the only liquid/powder type food I’ve ever tried that was easy to digest in the gas department.

And also switch to a higher quality magnesium source instead of the cheap oxide version they use.

And figure out a way to get rid of the raw oats, even though that’s the only real food it contains. :frowning:


That’s an excellent reason to get rid of the raw oats. :smile:


Get rid of the oats? nooooo. That’s partly why I like Soylent. Oats is a man’s best friend!


We encourage DIY segments for this purpose. Soylent is designed to be open ended a user can adjust their soylent to conform to his or her life style.


Some of us don’t have the time (knowledge, resources, etc.) to make our own.

Also, I am extremely leery of buying an untested “small-batch” formulation or making my own which might not be as rigorously tested as the official one. I don’t want to run the risk of putting too much (or too little) of something or other in there and doing health damage.

Plus, just from a profitability standpoint as a company, you would think Soylent (Rosa Labs) would want to give consumers what they wanted.


Currently it is more a question of making sure people get Soylent as quickly as possible. We are catching up with demand. Adding more products into the line up might interrupt that. So for the foreseeable future good ole’ Soylent will be the only thing we are shipping out.

That being said we definitely take note of people wanting variations.


Oh most definitely. I think most of us weren’t expecting any significant choose-able variations (or other common requests such as the addition of flavor packs, etc.) until Soylent is caught up. (…and likely expanded internationally.)

These are, most assuredly, longer term things we are thinking about. Hopefully in the next few years we will see them though!


I think what we may do, is push out simple recipes for people to follow. Very straight forward modifications that change the tastes. Expanding upon that we might be able to have a list of recommended additions and where to get them to cut down on the confusion. Those types of ideas are ones we toss around but are up in the air at this stage.

As you noted, DIY process can be very daunting.


For me, Ensure is practically undigestible, probably due to the milk protein. I’d prefer a whey protein isolate; it works perfectly in my DIY.

And of course, neither one would be acceptable for vegans and some vegetarians.

Ideally, there should probably be a couple different protein choices.