Chromium and Molybdnum - rolled oats

I am using rolled oats and waxy maize for carbs but looks like chromium and molybdenum is zero in them according to supplement info most have used on diy recipes. Is it true?

Any sources which can give me correct info on thee nutrients in rolled oats? :smile:


USDA database is pretty good. Here is their entry for rolled oats.

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If you cllck on “Full Report” near the top of the page it gives you an even more complete report.

It looks like even with the complete report, not everything is included? I’m not seeing chromium or molybdenum listed, even though there are nutrients listed as containing none? That’s not encouraging so far as the real completeness.

You are correct. This database includes chromium and molybdenum.

However, I don’t believe that most users will want to pay $699 for a license.

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Thanks. How do you know this database includes chromium and molybdnum?

If you have license pls post how much of chromium and molybdnum is there. :smile:

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per 100g:
Mo = 74 mcg
Cr = 14 mcg


Thanks Man!! :blush: