Chunks in my latest batch of 2.0

I tried a couple of bottles out of my latest batch of original 2.0, but it’s got chunks, or large flecks of hardened Soylent. Makes me cringe every time I get one because I feel like a bug slipped into my mouth. I’ve gone through about 6 other boxes of flavors and original and this is the first time I’ve experienced this issue. Has anyone else had this problem? I’m thinking I might ask for a refund on this box.

As@conor would say please contact so they can track this and follow up with you.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by chunks (size wise), but I switched from mostly powder to mostly 2.0 awhile ago and I regularly feel little coagulated specks in my mouth while drinking. In my experience, virtually every unshaken bottle of 2.0 has a thin ring of what looks like hardened powder at the very top of the inside of the bottle (I’m talking about the old bottles, haven’t had a squircle shaped bottle of 2.0 yet which I believe would remedy this ‘problem’ as there are no grooves or whatever at the top of the inside of those bottles for the powder or whatever it is to build up there). I wouldn’t describe what I experience as chunks though so I dunno.

EDIT: Oh, and I only notice this with Original.

I’ve had at least 24 bottles of original prior to opening this box. I feel
little tiny specks every now and again, they are a little harder but small
enough that they don’t bother me at all. I’m pretty used to grit from
Soylent in general. These chunks are soft coagulated soylent.about half the
size of my pinky nail. Flat and wide as if they peeled off the side or top
from shaking. But it’s odd I’ve never had it before. I have seen a slight
film of soylent on caps before, but not enough to make a chunk like that
come down. And my cap on this bottle looks relatively clean.

That does seem odd. Could you send me some pictures via private message. I’d like to examine them with our QC team.

I had the same problem with some six month old cases of 2.0 a while back, the flakes kept getting worse, then the flavor got to be off, eventually had to throw out several cases that went bad.

It’s most likely because your refrigerator is too cold or you have the Soylent too close to the top. Move the bottles to the bottom of your refrigerator. That solved the issue for me.

Mine is a separation of the solids and liquid. So I have thin, slightly cloudy water, and in that, little (and sometimes marble sized) chunks of Soylent with a cottage cheese consistency. Is that caused by getting too cold? It was my thought originally but other bottles in the fridge in the same area did not have this issue at all.

Can’t be that. I took some with me to a con last week and even the never cooled bottles had chunks.

Yeah I’ll try to do that today. I’ve been out of state for nearly a week haven’t had any opportunity.

I just opened a bottle from my new batch of 2.0 and it seems a little thicker and has quite a bit more grit in it - like sand in your mouth when you drink it. I find it quite distracting, and just want to be sure it’s safe to consume. I’ve consumed a lot of 2.0 and this is definitely the grittiest. April 2018 best before date. My best before March 2018’s are normal.