CIA using liquid diet on detainees


I was just reading an article on the Guardian about CIA torture methods. I found this particular quote interesting and thought it was relevant to the Soylent community:

The CIA viewed certain techniques as “conditioning” measures, designed
to get detainees used to their helplessness rather than yielding any
intelligence value on their own.
Another “conditioning” technique involved feeding a detainee “a bland,
commercial liquid meal” instead of normal food. The CIA set caloric
intake guidelines – a recommended minimum was 1,500 calories daily – and
relied on medical personnel, who are sworn to do no harm to their
patients, to ensure detainees did not lose more than 10% of their body
weight. A Justice Department memo understood the dietary manipulation
could “increase the effectiveness of other techniques, such as sleep

From: (maybe NSFW/slightly disturbing)

Has anyone read anything else about this?


I just knew it! Guantanamo Bay is a Soylent resort!


Well, they were also feeding detainees through their rectums, so liquid may have been a necessity for that reason.


Yeah, I don’t think there was any medical or nutritional reason for that–practice.


You heard it here first, getting arrested under suspicion of terrorism will get you your Soylent faster than buying it. Time to call in a bomb threat.


Wait…sleep deprivation is a torture technique too? No wonder some men feel tortured by their wives:)


I’m pretty sure the reason was because it’s both humiliating and still leaves them feeling hungry because their stomachs are still empty.


I doubt there was any nutritional motivation at all. It’s simply, brutally assaultive, with some handwaving to unconvincingly argue the reason was to “hydrate” or feed.

I ain’t taking my Soylent like that, for sure.


Plus they fed them yucky Ensure!

As part of the CIA's enhanced interrogation techniques, Abu Zubaydah was placed on a liquid diet of Ensure and water as both an interrogation technique, and as a means of limiting vomiting during waterboarding. In planning for the interrogation of subsequent detainees, the CIA determined that it would use a "liquid diet." At least 30 CIA detainees were fed only a liquid diet of Ensure and water for interrogation purposes.


Ensure and water…surely that can’t qualify as a “complete” meal?


A friend of mine literally lives on Ensure. :worried: