Cinnamon in KetoOne

So there seems to be “cinnamon powder” listed as one of the ingredients in my KetoOne that I purchased recently. Since the source is not indicated, I’m assuming this is likely Cassia variety. Should I be worried about consuming the coumarin from this on a daily basis? I contacted the KetoOne support staff and they have yet to respond to me. Should I get rid of the KetoOne and move on to something else? I was planning on consuming this stuff at 3 servings per day for the next 4 months while doing my keto workout regimen.




really? it seems the consensus from past threads says otherwise and kinda freaked me out about the coumarin levels building up in my bloodstream after days of consumption

I guess you missed the part where it only matters if it’s more than what your body can filter out in a given amount of time. It was either a teaspoon or tablespoon per day was the limit. Even if it’s the lower one I doubt they are using that much.

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Assuming all the sodium is from the salt, there is less than 1.6 g of cinnamon per serving, so less than 4.8 g per day if you drink three servings per day. The first random figure I found for a limit of cinnamon was 4 g per day, which unfortunately is less than 4.8 g (the worst case scenario, assuming my estimate is correct).

Your best bet is contacting the manufacturer of KetoOne with your concerns. I would hope that they are both already aware of the upper limit of cinnamon consumption per day and that the actual level of cinnamon is much lower than my worst case estimate.

Just heard back from customer support, they use Ceylon cinnamon. thank youthful Jesus on the mount

I find a lot of these dietary boogeymen are more just something to be aware of but not really worried about. If you start seeing symptoms you have an educated guess as to what the cause is. The stuff you read online makes it sound like if you go over some magic number just a little bit just once your insides will explode. It doesn’t help when this kind of information comes from a reputable source. Hope you got the information you are looking for.