Cleaning Soylent out of Carpet?


My asshole cat decided to knock a huge glass full of Soylent off of my bedside table. I hadn’t even taken a sip yet so it was a full 16 oz. It splattered all over my carpet.

I took a wet towel and sopped up most of it, now I have another wet towel laying over it with a dry towel on top to try and soak up as much liquid as I can.

It looks like it’s going to leave a stain. My carpet is a beige/gray color but the Soylent is leaving a more beige colored stain.

What’s the best way to clean this up?

Side note: my dog is smelling it intently and trying to lick it. The cat was sniffing it and trying to lick it before he knocked it over too. So apparently, pets love Soylent.


rent a steam cleaner. probably gonna need it to suck out all the liquid.


For what it’s worth, my dogs :heart: soylent


Ugh. What about a Rug Doctor? It’s not a steam cleaner but it’s a carpet cleaner.


Try the normal stuff :slight_smile: that you would normally use for stuff on carpets heh, I heard baking soda and vinegar can help with stains, but since you are also dealing with oil and such, perhaps finish off with some soapy water afterwards? or before? ;D no expert, just throwing out ideas.


I highly recommend a Rug Doctor. Use the hottest water you can produce and put that in the tank.
I’ve never used one for cleaning up Soylent specifically, but it’s the best one that I’ve used for cleaning carpets in general. My family ended up buying one at Costco.


Spread soylent on the rest of the carpet, close door to let dry and keep animals out and call it a day?


I got some on a black t-shirt and it was still “stained” after going through the wash. I sprayed some Shout stain remover on it, let it sit overnight, and washed it again the next day and it all came out.

Moral of the story: all hope is not lost, but it might take some work to get it out of your carpet.


Get the Rug Doctor on it before it has a chance to mould! The thing with all stains is don’t let them sit too long or they get far harder to get out!