Cleaning the 45oz and 25oz EcoVessel?


I purchased an EcoVessel as recommended by the Soylent team in their last blog post, but instead of the 25oz version I got the 45oz so that I could store and insulate more than 1/3 of a day during travel.

It came in the mail today, and boy it is big! I am now curious how to clean the inside of it because of its depth. Amazon’s pair purchase suggestion showed me this OXO brand brush which looks pretty nice however it might come up short as far as length goes. Anyone have experience with an EcoVessel, or maybe just cleaning larger drink bottles in general? Any suggestions on cleaning? I think even the 25oz version of this container might be a challenge to clean, and I’ll list measurements below.

  • Amazon lists all EcoVessel sizes as 14in x 5in x 4in

  • EcoVessel’s website says the 45oz is 13" high with a 3.5" diameter.

  • EcoVessel’s website says the 25oz is 11.25" high with a 3.25" diameter.

  • Amazon lists the OXO brush I linked as both 12.8in x 2.5in x 2.5in under Product Details and 11.2in x 6.3 in x 11.9in under Product Description.


I have a Taylor ice cream machine, looks like this:
The cylinders are too small to reach a hand back in, and the standard brush doesn’t get in the corners well. I took a scotch-brite pad, folded it around the end of a cheap wooden yardstick, and rubber-banded it on. It’s stiff enough to clean the corners, and long enough to reach the 2 feet back in the cylinder.

Yes, I plan on running a day’s worth of Soylent through this at least once :smile:


I would think something like this would be helpful.
I’ve made home made wine in the past and used a similar brush to clean out old wine bottles for reuse. I found it did the job quite well.


i dont have the larger one…but with my 25oz thermos…I fill it with boiling hot water at night and let it sit over night…still very hot in the morning…i figure a few hours of boiling water would kill anything nasty inside. then on weekends i got at it with soap/water/and the bottle brush


any chance you could measure the width of the larger opening on the 45oz bottle (internal diameter)?

Issue I had with the 25oz (i have a think sport brand) one was mixing it up…the opening was a little too small to get blender ball in it…i wound up heating and squishing the blender ball whisk to be oval and now it fits in there…so i have a thermos blender bottle…its amazing for soylent!!!


What kind of bottle brush are you using? Opening diameter is 2 inches.


just something from the grocery across the street. nothing fancy.i can measure when i get home if u want…it reaches the bottom of my 25 oz bottle…but again its a different bottle…this one:


We use that OXO brush and it’s pretty long, works great. Would definitely give it a shot.


if that isn’t long enough…you could also get a new toilet brush…might be too thick but if it fits…might be long enough


Just don’t get your toilet brushes mixed up!


I just got one of these too. Now, do I need to get some sort of blender ball for it? I was planning on making the daily batch in a blender and pour most of it in the 45oz EcoVessel and then the rest in the starterkit pitcher. Will it settle throughout the day and need to be re-agitated? Will shaking the bottle work or do I need to force a blenderball in there like @VadimGod?


ive heard that Soylent v1 is more or less ok with just a good shake before you drink

just reread my source for this info…there was Ice added to this soylent…so that could have had a blender ball effect.


and for the record…my blender ball was not forced in there…he WANTED to go in the thermos and it was a team effort to make that happen! :smile:


Semi-related question of my own: does anybody know how much a meal portion of Soylent is once mixed with water?


Around 19oz, I just asked this same question the other day:


Thanks @VadimGod. I will see how it goes when I eventually get my shipment.

Last question, are these EcoVessels supposed to leak? Mine seems to keep leaking through the lid if I happen to knock it over. I love the huge size and how it long it keeps things cold, but I am worried about getting my future Soylent on items such as my car seat.


For what it’s worth, I did add a blender ball to our pitcher at one point, and found a couple of interesting points:

  1. It really doesn’t need it. Just shaking works incredibly well with production Soylent.
  2. A strange thing happened. On cleaning out the pitcher after the first use with the blender ball in it, there was a weird “lump” of something in the middle of the ball! I got it out and touched it and it collapsed into Soylent powder. Some powder had evidently gotten inside the ball before it was all fully mixed, and was never able to get out. It just stayed there until the entire pitcher had been consumed. The outside of it somehow got just hard enough to protect the powder inside, which stayed a perfect powder. Crazy!

Based on these two things, I no longer add the blender ball and haven’t missed it at all. It mixes extremely well.


@AlisonG - I was seriously considering an EcoVessel until I read about the leaking problem in more than a few amazon reviews. So yes, leaking is a known problem.

I’m still looking for a good insulated, sealable bottle that will hold at least 3/4 of a days meals. Ideally high quality and not made in China. Suggestions welcome. :wink:

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This is what I like, but they only make them up to a 24 ounce. I have two smaller, similar ones and love them! Sadly, it seems that Amazon only sells the 16 and 20 oz ones. You can buy the 24 oz directly from Contigo.


check the inner rubber O-ring…make sure its sitting well inside the cap…with my ThinkSport bottle…if i over tighten the top…the oring is forced out of place and i had some leaking issues before i realized that was going on. now i can feel when that happens and can fix it right away.