Clearer Instructions Needed On Bag


This is just a little feedback that I think would help some people have a better first impression with Soylent. I was so excited to try it out I didn’t even read the release notes, I just read the instructions on the bag, which seem to differ slightly from the notes.

On the bag it just says to dump the powder in first, then the water, then the oil last and shake for a minute, along with ice if it is to be consumed immediately. After shaking it for about 2 minutes with the ice and then pouring it out I found it to be a little chunky and very gritty, it was hard to get down but I chalked that up to trying something completely new.

After reading the release notes for v1.0 I saw that it said to add the water and power together and mix for 30 seconds (I did this for a minute with 3 cubes of ice for an individual 16 Oz serving in a blender bottle, then added 2 Oz of chocolate syrup and shook again for another minute), then to add the oil and shake again for 30 seconds (which I did for about a minute) and it was far more palatable and easier to drink. I actually kind of enjoyed it this time and actually wanted to drink more, I’ll attribute a lot of this to the blender bottle and the chocolate syrup but I’m sure mixing it individually had something to do with the texture of it also.

@ana @JulioMiles @MattCauble You guys should clear these up because there’s competing instructions. Another user and I just noticed a discrepancy between the oil amount listed on the bag and in the notes, see below.


I agree about putting better instructions on the bag.

There was also an instructional insert in the box, but I quickly get rid of boxes and packaging and store things away. For someone like me, only the bag remains as a reminder of how to best prepare (or a web search).

Also, when I give a day’s supply to someone to “try,” all they’re getting is the bag. It would be best to have the info on the bag.


It will be handy to have QR code on each package linked to here:


You’d be surprised. I’m sure the blender bottle helped, and the chocolate syrup obviously had a lot to do with the flavor, but even the 30 seconds of recommended mixing before adding the oil is like night and day versus mixing them together. It’s because of the way that oil coats the powder and prevents it from being absorbed into the water.

Letting it sit for a few hours before mixing in the oil all but completely eliminates the grittiness (though some people don’t actually prefer this).

Anyway, yes, definitely better instructions on the bags!


I have read that letting it sit for a few hours in the fridge before putting in the oil helps a whole lot, I just haven’t tried it yet. I’ll try that for my third batch to see if it makes it any better compared to what I’m currently doing, I just fear that I’m going to forget to dump it in when I wake up in the morning lol

Edit: @horsfield and I just noticed that there’s a discrepancy/typo regarding the amount of oil needed for a single serving. On the bag it says a single serving (1/3 of a bag) is 0.66 (US/Fl) Oz which equals out to 3.96 US Teaspoons (1.32 US Table Spoons), yet in the release notes on page 10 it says that a single serving is 1 Scoop Soylent + 1.5 TSP (Teaspoons) Oil Blend + 2 Scoops Water, 1.5 Teaspoons is only 0.16666 US (Fluid) Ounces. So which one is it?


It’ll also mix better if you put in some water before the powder, then the rest of the water. Shake, add oil only after it’s thoroughly mixed, before you drink it (if you’re putting it in the fridge, don’t bother adding the oil until you take it out again later).


This holds with my “lessons learned” from DIY.


The scoop is for half servings.

There are 4 tablespoons (12 teaspoons) in a bottle. Divided by three gives you 4 teaspoons per serving. 2 teaspoons per half serving.

If the instructions say something different it’s a typo. Which I’m surprised is still there, if so.


If that’s the case then they really messed up the release notes!

I will say that leaving the Soylent sit overnight without adding the oil definitely does help with the smoothness. I mixed some up last night and tried it this morning without the oil and it was much better. I only added the oil (1.5 TBSP this time) to the serving I poured for lunch later, still letting the rest sit in the fridge without any oil to see if it gets any better. I also did the water, powder, shake, add water, shake, add chocolate syrup, shake, add oil, shake method mentioned above.


I’m surprised RL doesn’t put a word in booklet about best practice of adding oil after overnight staying in fridge in “vegan” form. They have recommendation of banana, but rather like diversity, not fight with granularity. Current online booklet still says Soylent 1.0. Seems that they don’t want or don’t have time to pay attention to unified measures, directions, and versions.

AFAIK, scoop has on the side incorrect instructions as well. At least it was reported as such.