Clicking on top left icon doesn't refresh page


It most websites it’s common to click on the image on the top to be sent to the home page.

Here, clicking on that image while in the home page does not refresh the page. The icon changes to a hand but apparently no request is made. If we’re in a thread, then the behaviour is normal.

Can we make it consistent across all pages?


I usually use the back button and the page will refresh itself. Also, you can click on the “Soylent” icon/title at the top and that will refresh the page as well.


Or just press F5, quickest way to refresh a page.


That’s what I’m saying, it doesn’t.

I’m using the latest Safari on the latest OSX and nothing happens. F5 works, but I don’t want to move my hand from my mouse.


I can confirm what Rui is saying. If in a topic, clicking the soylent logo does bring me back to a refreshed main forums page.
If I am on that page already though, clicking/tapping the picture in Firefox 17 or iOS 6 (Safari) does nothing.


This is probably normal routing behavior for Ember.js, which is the underlying technology in Discourse forums. You aren’t asking to go anywhere.


Possibly, but it’s a standard of UX and usability for users to click on the top left icon to refresh the page.

Everyone expects it to work that way and while Discourse may grow to dictate the rules of the web, for now it would be better if we could use our muscle memory. The lower the barrier of entry, the easier it is to adopt a new product.


But Discourse works in real time, so you don’t really need to refresh the page, it refresh itself.


No, it doesn’t. If I leave it on the landing page I don’t see how many new topics exist and how many have been replied to.

I would click on the link to refresh it, but I can’t so I have to ctrl+R, which is a pain.


I agree we should change the home logo to refresh the page when you click it. Hopefully we’ll get to that soon.


@jatwood Yes please. Very frustrating. Even though I’ve been using it for over a week now, I still click the logo expecting to refresh the page. Muscle memory indeed. :slight_smile:

#12 is a topic from one of the people at Discourse themselves, saying that if you’re having trouble with the software, you can either reply in that or .


Good suggestion, we changed it so clicking or tapping the logo does refresh the page a while ago.

Other great changes and improvements coming over the next few months too. Keep the feedback coming!