Cliff notes on People Chow Premium

  • More than one pitcher would be helpful

  • When first starting out, replacing 1 meal at first instead of going all out would be prudent

  • A hand/wand mixer stick is ok to breakup the chia seeds if they bother you.

  • Smells great, tastes good

  • Worth the price imho


Thanks for the feedback! :smiley: Could you explain what you mean by “more than one pitcher would be helpful”? Is that something I could address in my instructions?

Also, would you mind posting your review on the People Chow Premium page on my site too? I’d really appreciate that! :slight_smile:


I meant that having more than one pitcher to mix multiple batches would be helpful…To me…:slight_smile:

I just tried posting a review, but I can’t from work…Blocked.


Ah, okay. Good to know. :wink:

If you get a chance to post a review from home, that would be awesome! Thanks for trying. :smiley:

Wait, looks like the review posted successfully after all! Thanks. :slight_smile:


Just sent you a email…


Just took care of it. :wink: