Clinical trials for long term intake of Matodextrin


De facto Maltodextrin is a Polysaccharide = large chains of glucose = poly sugar.
De jury it’s not a sugar.

I saw several reports about glucose spikes in the blood after using Soylent as well as DIY-formulas. Since a lot of us try to live on Soylent on a monthly basis or loose weight - I think that should think of the long term effect.

We had a small discussion about this in this thread, that ended with necessity of clinical trials.

Since the results of such trials will benefit all of us (not only Soylent, but selling DIY-soylenters and Home-DIY-soylenters) - I think that we could make it together.

What do you think?


Maltodextrin is technically an oligosaccharide, so while it mostly acts as a polysaccharide it contains a small amount of monosaccharides (simple sugars), this may account for the reported glucose spikes, hope this helps.


There was an article that someone on the forums shared that said genetics could play a role in energy obtains from polysaccharides. Basically some people had a higher expression of a gene that enabled them to break down more of the polysaccharide with their saliva, but then said they had a lower absorption of the resultant solution. May not make sense but moral of the story is that the blood sugar spikes might have a genetic link.


Yes @Matt88, we should consider many factors and genetics as well to answer that question.
I have nothing against sugar - it’s a source of energy for my main organ - brain.
And I love sweetness.

But I have a grandmother with diabetes - so may assume some long lasting effects for my body.