Closed Poll: How satisfied are you with 1.4?


To satisfy my curiosity (and for science!) I was hoping to take a poll of how satisfied everyone is with Soylent 1.4. I was going to have more detailed options but I think the simplest thing is to do a generic rating. I extended the usual scale with a couple bonus options. :wink:

  • It’s perfect!
  • Very satisfied
  • Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Dissatisfied
  • Very dissatisfied
  • 1.4 literally makes me vomit!

I’ve never done a Discourse poll before so hopefully this works! I’ll close the poll after about a week, unless I forget.


Not sure what is meant by “satisfied,” but even though I have never tried 1.4 I cancelled my recurring order because of the 40% calories from fat, so that would put me in the “Very dissatisfied” camp even though I have never had any of it.


Well my intention was to poll those who had actually tried 1.4, but you may vote as you wish.


I would find the poll more interesting if it’s limited to actual tasters. Perhaps a box for “not ordering /never tested because of stuff I read”?



I should have thought of that! :sob: I can’t edit the poll options after the first five minutes, but I flagged the post so hopefully a moderator will add that option for us!


If it is edited, to be balanced there should also be an option for those who haven’t tried it but want to more compared to previous versions. Before I got mine, I was more interested when I heard 1.4 was going to be less sweet/vanilla flavored.


Perhaps the poll should have been entitled “How satisfied are you with the taste of 1.4.”


I really didn’t want to restrict it to taste. I guess taste, texture, and satiety covers what I was curious about, but I really wanted to keep it open to any reactions. I just didn’t consider that someone who didn’t try 1.4 would want to partake in the poll!


Okay this was a colossal cock-up and I’m going to close and remake the poll with Eve’s option added. (Unfortunately it seems that even a moderator can’t fix the poll options after 5 minutes.)


I think the two categories you added to your amended poll, @wezaleff , are more informative than my suggestion. Thank you.