Cloudy Urine and Yellow


I’ve been using Soylent for about 3 weeks now as a majority of my dietary needs. Eating food maybe 3-5 times per week. As of late, I’ve noticed my urine has been cloudy yellow (on the brighter side). Something I’ve never experienced before. I don’t think it has to do with dehydration, because I drink a lot of tea. And it’s not a common symptom I’ve read about in Medical journals, because I don’t have any pain following.
So I’m wondering if it’s an over-abundance of a chemical in my body, or lack of processing a Chemical.
Anyone else experiencing this?


Why do you do this to most of your posts? Just curious (because every time you do it, it pushes the thread that you did it in back to the top).


See a doctor, and let them know which teas you drink, and probably bring the nutrition label for the soylent you drink. My guess is either a new tea your drinking has a colorant in it or the fact that your drinking alot of tea in place of water means you aren’t getting enough water to process all of the dissolved materials in the tea.


If its kinda strong smelling like cat urine it may just be because of a sudden increase in protein consumption. Aka completely normal. Proteins break down into nitrogen compounds like urea which is removed from the body as urine. (cats and other carnivores eat alot of meat so they have alot of urea in their urine) If you think switching to soylent significantly increased your protein consumption, then don’t worry. Otherwise go to a doctor.