C'mon Rosa Labs, are you kidding me?


If I knew their original estimates were this awful, I’d have ordered 6 months worth.

Let’s get this stuff shipped already, its been 19 days since you started shipping, if you can’t get it ready in a timely fashion HIRE MORE PEOPLE.


assuming number of people is the bottleneck


6 of those days were weekend days. Making it only 13 days of shipping. Less than 3 weeks. I think they are doing fine.


It appears that there was a big push to ship orders, and then a very noticeable slowdown. I think the most likely reason is they used up the original supply of ingredients, and didn’t have another batch ready to mix yet. Once they mix the next batch, you will see a huge increase in shipments, like there was when they were shipping vegan orders. This is speculation of course, but I think it’s pretty clear that they aren’t shipping as much as they were in the first week.


If that was the case I’d be okay with it if they at least SAID something. We have nothing to go off of aside from some blog posts originally saying what weeks stuff would ship out. Otherwise we have nothing. Except now I’m getting a shit, that I’ll never wear. I’d rather they just give me overnight shipping or a discount on my reorder. If I ever actually reorder and get it in any reasonable amount of time.


if we dont have it in 6 more business days will you still think they are doing fine?


I don’t work in manufacturing or packaging so I am left wondering about the apparent “stall” that seemed to occur after the vegan shipments.

Could that delay have been a result of “re-tooling” the packaging process for oil orders? I wouldn’t imagine that just adding a handful of oil bottles to the same box would be that significant a conversion process but again I have no reference for this stuff.


@Mystify is right I doubt labor is the bottleneck. They probably ran out of an ingredient most likely the protein thats getting shipped over. This is just a guess of course it’d be nice to know whats going on


gannas, that’s the best guess I’ve seen. It’s very possible that adding oil to the boxes has slowed them down. The good news is that they’re shipping oil. The bad news is that the rate might be significantly slower than they were shipping the vegan orders.

We just don’t know.


In another thread there was talk about the first shipment (by ship) of the BRP coming in about 1 month ago. It also said that it took almost 3 weeks to get it from the ship to the co-packer (to mix the ingredients). So figure at least a week at the co-packers (maybe two) before it gets to the fulfillment center where they can put the packages together and start shipping. If all that is true then they would be able to resume shipping soon.

Hopefully this is a one time event ( the lag between getting the BRP air-lifted in to get the first batch shipped and getting the first shipment by ship). If it’s not, and they can’t get the BRP fast enough then they could run into problems with fulfilling re-orders. I’m sure they are going to prioritize re-orders over first shipments. So if there is a lag between each BRP shipment, first shipments will keep being pushed farther and farther back in the queue.

I’m pretty sure that they have made a strategic decision not to talk about or respond to questions about shipping status or where they are with overall fulfillment of original backer orders. At least until things settle down.


I wouldn’t wear one of those either. Might want to edit that.


Getting a shirt. Getting shit. Getting a shit shirt. Either way it all applies. I’m not thrilled about some shirt I’ll never wear to promote a product I can’t recommend to someone if it could be 6 months before they even see it.