Coca-Cola: It's not our fault!

You’re just not exercising enough… NYTimes
Side note: just last week watched the documentary “Merchants of Doubt” (Netflix DVD) which I would certainly recommend…


Didn’t “Supersize Me” have the same conclusion? The guy had to stop being so active and binge in order to attempt to vilify McDonald’s food


You bring up an interesting point about moderation… Of course low excercise coupled with high intake of Coke (and/or McDonald’s) can be hazardous… Just as moderate intake of Coke is probably no big deal (this has been their prime message lately). The problem is the large number of Americans who don’t drink sugared drinks in moderation. Attempts by society (ie government) to discourage consumption are seen as an attack on freedom. Of course Coka-Cola doesn’t really want to discourage large consumption so there are efforts to shift focus. Even if you excercise a lot, high intake of sugared drinks isn’t doing your body much good. So if we rightfully reduce reliance on exercise and instead encourage moderation, what’s the best way to do that?

From my personal experience, holding exercise constant while increasing Soylent as a percentage of my diet while correspondingly reducing soda has netted me 10lb of weight loss over a 6 month period. Was it the Soylent or the reduction in sugared drinks? I don’t know,.


Anytime a new documentary or story comes out about the evils of “big food” (lol), those with terrible lifestyles jump on it like a trampoline. Everyone wants an excuse for their own terrible decisions.

Edit: Yep, one of the statements I found in the cesspool of wisdom that is that comments section:

“99% of all health problems are genetic in nature and nothing you can do will avert them.”


Yeah, you can eat whatever you want. Just be sure to climb Mount Everest daily, to avoid obesity.


Climbing Everest is a great way to lose weight, limbs are fairly heavy.


But, hey, they can be recycled in place of algae.


I don’t think he had to be less active and binge, actually. He was looking for a dramatic and quick impact. If he had been willing to make a good movie by killing himself, he could have simply consumed a lot of McDonalds food for years. That’s how most people do it.


Coke and exercise are a pretty bad combination, IME…

Also, sorry to derail the topic, but…

Netflix still mails DVDs??? Is that only in the US or what? And why would you choose to do that over streaming? Do they offer a better selection that way?


Yes, unfortunately the selection for mailed CDs is much better on Netflix. But I go for instant anyway.

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I would totally use such a service if it meant greater selection!!! I hate not having any DVD rental places anywhere because there’s an awful lot of stuff that can’t be (legally) streamed online :frowning: I wonder why Netflix is keeping their DVD collection secret from us Canadians…

I have the minimum DVD service (2 disks/mo) plus the streaming service… Only a subset of their stuff is available for streaming :frowning:

Doesn’t Canada have Redbox? It is said to be challenging Netflix in some ways, and it rents CDs or DVDs.

Redbox doesn’t deliver to your home. You have to pick up the DVDs at specific locations. The nearest Redbox pickup location is 5 hours away from me, and I’m in a moderately-sized city. Seems like they mostly just serve the GTA and Van area, but not much in between.

I would stay away from that GTA area, I hear the car jackings are out of control.


I have read a few of these and will just give my own findings based on my own body and what happened to me.

4 years ago my car was totaled in an accident. I decided not to replace it and instead started walking and taking the bus. Before i lost the car I was eating really healthy while i had a car low cal, good healthy organic foods, no soda’s or candy… I weighed about 240 - 250. Almost no exercise. After 1-2 years of walking and taking the bus i was down to about 220ish i discovered that i was eating whatever i wanted to when i wanted to be it fast food, soda’s, or healthy didn’t matter and as much as i wanted to. I was walking between 12,000 and 22,000 steps per day which for my step is 6-12 miles and barley noticed the distance. I felt better than ever and was (no coincidental pun intended) loving it. I didn’t have to worry what i ate i was getting in really good physical shape and thinking of starting martial arts or something.

Then last year i got a car again. I stopped walking and went back to doing nothing but driving and almost no exercise. I shout up 50lbs in about 2 months pushing 270lbs a weight i had never been in my life. I was no longer sleeping good, my health was going in the toilet, i was tired all day (even falling asleep at work), grouchy and angry. it took me awhile to accept the reality.

So my own personal findings is that in order for these foods to really have a negative impact on your life like (supersize me found out when he ate McDonalds 3 meals a day and did nothing but sit on his butt), If you are getting exercise (and it doesn’t have to be a lot) then you can really eat what you want. I am a believer in moderation however i do not suggest you eat junk food all day long no matter how much exercise you get. The body needs healthy food to… vitamins, minerals, amino acids… its a good thing.


As mad as I want to be, for $1.5 million I would have said coke makes your bigger and your hair grow back.

I’m pretty sure that Pi-Sunyer would do it in a heartbeat.


Actually, I think I’ll delete my comment. I don’t want to be associated with yours.