Cockroach Milk: The next "future" food?


“Cockroach milk is the protein drink you didn’t know you’ve been missing” by CNN

“Is cockroach milk the superfood of the future?” by CBS News

Article on "Disgusting Food Trends" includes Soylent/Coffiest

Nope. All of my nopes. :grimacing:


If sustainability means cockroach milk & cricket flour, I’d rather be unsustainable.


That’ll get you (or possibly your great-great-grandchildren) to cockroach milk and cricket flour too, just slower.


Or we could focus more on making existing stuff more sustainable instead of trying to get people to eat bugs.


I suppose you want some sort of magical, just-add-water, made-from-algae-or-something powdered food that provides you with all the nutrients you need! Good luck buddy!


I would just hate to be the poor bastard that has to try and find the nipples on all those cockroaches to milk.

[Remembers that one scene from Meet The Parents talking about milking cats.]



That sounds great, if only it were real…


My goodness… I have to defend myself daily from the exact same outrage lobbed at Soylent. I thought we were more rational and more techno-optimist than that… SMH.

I, for one, hope Rose Labs uses this new research to improve the Soylent blend.


Cockroaches have been called the perfect creature


Probably just cheaper to mass produce a Soylent-like product than to mass produce cockroach/cricket-based food.


The article talks about bioengineering the proteins, not mass-producing them somehow from cockroaches.