Coffiest is gross

I get the feeling that the only people who like this are drinkers of Nescafe and Starbucks. It’s extremely chemical tasting and doesn’t have any quality of fresh brewed coffee. Telling as most exposure to coffee among drinkers in America is the burnt diner/office pot that’s been sitting out for hours I’m not surprised this tastes this poorly.


I really like coffiest, but I’m not a coffee drinker at all, so this may add more evidence to your hypothesis.

It doesn’t taste like chemicals to me. It tastes more like a mocha with a bitter tea-like aftertaste. Really good. If I could drink caffeine, I would have this every day.


I also came to love Coffiest and I’ve never been a coffee drinker. I do love dark chocolate, though.


I don’t get any chemical quality but it’s a bit of a stretch to say it tastes like coffee, maybe barely. I get a nice boost from it on days I’m laggy. I couldn’t do it every day but it has it’s place in my Soylent rotation.


I like coffee and and I like chocolate, but I’ve cut caffeine out of my diet so I never even tasted Coffiest. Maybe I’ll give it a try some day. I have a feeling I’d really like it.


Same here. Not a coffee drinker but I like Coffiest. To reduce the caffeine content (too high IMO) and improve the taste, I mix Coffiest with Cocoa Soylent, 50-50. Highly recommended for those who prefer a dark chocolate flavor.


I dislike the taste but probably because I don’t like coffee either. I can taste the alkilinity… It is a putrid tasting chemical. I have to have sugar or flavor to mask regular coffee and it doesn’t even work so I just take pills now.

Since flavored Soylent kinda looks like pokemon cards in bottle form… Maybe have “Soylent Mana” or something. Something that provides energy and focus but isn’t caffeine.

No it’s not.

Isn’t coffee acidic?

Eh… It’s complicated but for the sake of simplicity, yes, coffee at least tastes acidic.

If anyone has some pH test strips they could dunk one in Coffiest. I assume those are reasonably accurate; I haven’t used one since high school.

At 6 cases a month (with friends who love to mooch it), I’d have to disagree.

That citrus flavor though… my nose still tastes those “chemicals” though.

To lure the Arby’s milkshake customers away… I’ve always though Coffiest should have been marketed as Mocha flavored.
Bonus - add bananas, walnuts, and ice and they’re a great smoothie too!

If you’re into drinking good coffee like me: using a burr grinder into an Aeropress with control over the water temperature, the amount of water, and the amount of time the water comes in contact with the coffee, then you’re probably experiencing the same thing I did - Coffiest tastes like chemicals and nothing like real coffee that’s properly prepared and the flavors they’re using do not mesh well with Soylent.

It does seem that people who are used to drinking instant coffee and Starbucks like the Coffiest flavor and see it as acceptable. However, to me, it’s totally culturally insulting to try and pass it off as coffee flavored. You’re giving “coffee” a bad name and ruining the publics idea of what flavors are acceptable in our society.

But that’s just it, the public does like Starbucks and does drink instant coffee, so no one’s idea is getting ruined and coffee isn’t geting a bad name. Coffiest is a meal that is flavored with coffee. No one thinks it’s a cup of Hawaiian Kona. When you have a scoop of coffee-flavored ice cream, do you complain to the kid working at Baskin Robbins that it’s not an actual scoop of Sumatran Mandheling or Ethiopian Yirgacheffe?

Please continue burr grinding and Aeropressing and controlling all of the vital temperatures and ratios and exposure times that make up your perfect morning joe.


The reason I don’t like coffiest is mainly due to the fact that the coffee flavor pretty much enhances the Soy flavor rather than masking it. I want to keep drinking it, but the soy flavor just keeps hitting me like a train and I end up just throwing the bottle away because I don’t have anything to flavor it at the time

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Coffiest was the only Soylent product I hadn’t tried because I hate coffee (and caffeine) but I had a few sips out of a room temp bottle a few days ago and I must say I actually kinda sorta enjoyed it??? Way better than Vanilla (which is by far my least favorite product, but still drinkable).

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hmmm so I just had a few sips of a refrigerated Coffiest and I did not like it