Coffiest Now Available... Again


For all my friends having withdrawals, they are taking orders.

Though this is still a cheaper option. Works well with 2.0.

Coffiest "temporarily unavailable"
A poll regarding Coffiest

Has anyone seen the corrected vitamin levels?

The .pdf online doesn’t seem to be any different.
Edit: My copy was cached (press f5 to reload). They removed any mention of vitamin A and C, which doesn’t answer the question.


I’ll tell you when I get my boxes. :smiley:


So if I order and the nutrient levels are different than what was listed on the website are they going to offer me another $5?


I imagine if something goes wrong they will make ammends somehow. If the exact same thing happens, maybe you will get a special prize!


My understanding is they were relabeling bottles per the blog post. However the online info still indicates 20% right? So if I order it expecting 20% and I get say 19% that would be the exact same thing right? Will the actual product received differ vs. what is advertised when I placed my order? Will I get 20%?


Not really a cheaper option if you’re looking for the same intense coffee flavor as you get from Coffiest. I like the Milk Magic flavors a lot (sadly, my local grocery chain has stopped stocking them), but Coffiest is WAY stronger in terms of flavor.


I don’t think there is a good reason to go through all possible responses to all possible problems. If the fact that there could be problems is too much for you, don’t order.


It’s just mind bottling to me. The original problem with Coffiest is the product failed to include the nutrients listed right? If you order today, it’s EXACTLY THE SAME. I mean, you aren’t ordering the product based on what you’re going to receive, but rather what you expect to receive. If you order Coffiest and receive a 12-pack of Ensure you’re not going to be happy even if the Ensure is correctly labeled. Seems like a major oversight that someone did not put updated specs online for people to review prior to placing orders.



Looks like the PDF was updated two days ago?

That’s what is linked from the product page anyway…


Huh, yes indeed. I must have had a cached copy. The new PDF doesn’t list vitamin A or C. Also Pantothenic Acid removed.


So… what’s the correct value?




It looks to me like the person you were responding to is using speech-to-text software, and embarassing but interesting slips like “mind-bottling” instead of “mind-boggling” are a common result. That same poster posts quickly and in high volume, also characteristic of speech-to-text.


No speech to text. I type faster than I talk, what’d be the point?

Actually mind bottling is my own tribute to Blades of Glory.

I’m glad you find it “embarassing”. :slight_smile:


Oh well, I knew I’d eventually get a theory wrong – thanks for the correction.




I didn’t look at the box, I just handed it directly to the spouse, the coffee addict in the family, who was grateful to have it back again.


From Reddit, get ready for a resurgence of scurvy. :yum: