Coffiest Recall/Refund

Do you think RL is going to issue a recall, or offer a refund regarding their most recent announcement that their product is deficient in the declared amounts of Vitamins A & C?

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They’ve never done a recall (AFAIK) but they throw out refunds at the drop of a hat. I assume they’ll send out an informational email that will possibly offer a refund, or maybe only give them to customers who ask for one. (I honestly couldn’t. I’d still order Coffiest at the reduced vitamin levels, since I only drink one per day anyway.)

I assume they’re going to relabel existing Coffiest stock to match the correct Nutrition Facts (lowered vitamin A and C). They’ll update the packaging and continue to sell the current formula of Coffiest until they can reformulate to the correct vitamin levels, which will take I-don’t-know how long.

Unless I’m reading between the lines too much, they basically said as much in the update.


As we always do, for any product. We honor our 30 day refund policy. Just reach out to

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How far of is the label? 99%? 90%? 80%? 50%?


I just feel negative about the repackaging thing. Soylent is supposed to be nutritionally complete, I have personally sold people on the brand, I even promoted Coffiest to a few friends. Now that its not nutritionally complete, and they intend in relabeling instead of remanufacturing… I don’t want to say its seems unethical because they disclosed as soon as they find out but it seems like a copout to simply relabel.


It’s also temporary, they’ll get it fixed and start manufacturing to meet 100% again. I do think they’re better to relabel than destroy the current stock, it would be prohibitively expensive to destroy usable bottles, the disclaimer is sufficient.


I don’t agree. RL has developed its brand recognition on having a nutritionally complete product line. I am very thankful that they are transparent, but repackaging it in a box with updated nutritional info is not living up to the brand they promote.

  1. Rosa Labs has built a brand reputation that their production is nutritionally complete.
  2. The Powder is nutritionally complete.
  3. The Drink is nutritionally complete
  4. The Food Bar is nutritionally complete.
  5. Coffiest is not nutritionally complete.
  6. Therefore Coffiest should not be part of their line up until it is nutritionally complete.

Soylent Powder provides complete nutrition

Soylent 2.0 provides 20% of your daily nutritional requirements

Soylent Drink: 20% of your daily nutrition in one easy bottle.

Coffiest offers Soylent 2.0’s comprehensive nutritional profile

Soylent + Coffee = Breakfast made better.

Coffiest, like its predecessors, is designed from the ground-up to provide the vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and protein that the body needs - all in a convenient, ready-to-drink package. Each bottle of Coffiest contains 20 percent of the daily recommended values for all essential vitamins and minerals and a macronutrient profile


I agree, but they have a history of not disposing of bad product. Presumably because they can’t afford to. So they keep pedaling it while they work on a better batch.

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Are we sure about that, there was a lot of near expired 1.5 being delivered to people. Additionally, there were pallets of 1.5 being sold in discount stores. I imagine RL has disposed of “bad product,” if they did we would have no way of knowing.

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We never sold any Soylent to discount stores. We did donate it to food banks. But we have done that throughout our powder iterations.


I was thinking of the tainted 2.0 batch(es).

Then perhaps the foodbanks sold it to a discount store. It was either here in discourse or reddit that there were pictures of an entire pallet of 1.5 on sale at a discount store.

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Soylentconor Soylent 9 points 3 months ago
We don’t directly sell Soylent to resellers. But we do have a great many people who buy and resell. This dates back to the age when it took one 6 months to receive their first order.

At least two full pallets all at the listed price.

There were about 110 cases of Soylent on that pallet, 220 on two. Thats a lot of pre-ordered Soylent that one person presumably bought then sold to that discount store. Then again, I have seen preppers with enough gunpowder to last three lifetimes…but they are not ones to buy anything with the word “Soy” in it, period. :laughing:

As @Conor alluded to, Soylent reselling was a big deal back in the 1.0 days. Apparently it didn’t work out so well with the ample supply of 1.5 direct from RL.

I was going to say those days are behind us, but I bet anyone with a large stockpile of 1.6 will be able to sell anything they’ve got on hand until new shipments resume.


I’m sure they intend, and still intend to make it nutritional complete. But I doubt they can afford to throw out their entire first run. So they just slap on new label sticket, refund those who already bought some, and sell what they can. Then they fix the problem for the next run.

Though it does lead to the question, what do you call the next version? “Coffiest.1” ? “Coffiest B”?

Maybe rename the current batch to “Almost Coffiest”?

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That is a possibility and one we think happened. But we don’t sell excess stock in that fashion, it either goes to events or it goes to charity. But we also had a ton of 1.5 being resold at higher mark ups so we also think a few resellers just called it quits. We do sometimes catch hundreds and hundreds of boxes going to one person. Far more than one person could finish.


Sooo does anyone have any Coffiest they don’t want? I only have 2 bottles left and I think i’m going to cry :frowning:

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Didn’t they admit it’s just 2.0 plus some MiO? Easy to make yourself.