Cognitive Function Test


I would like to get some data on the impact of Soylent on my cognitive progression and therefore, take a cognition test.

Any of you guys tracking this? Do you have any links to trusted online cognitive tests? Ideally, with language selection since my native language is french and I don’t want it to impact on my results.


AFAIK Rob and a few of the initial testers of the formula are tracking their cognitive performance(?) using

How do you track your physical/medical data?

Did they post the results anywhere?


I’ll start using this site as well. It has an optional prompt for a “Participant code,” I’m assuming so that it can easily pool data for a group. I’d be interested in getting a bunch of us together, both Soylent users and a control group, to get a better and more quantifiable idea of the cognitive [side]effects of Soyent.