Cold Brew Coffee Recipe w/ Soylent


Ever have one of those light-bulb cooking moments where you try something and it actually works? Occasionally that happens to me, and when it does I have to tell everyone about it. I imagine some ultra-cool Brooklyn Hipster has already thought of mixing Soylent w/ Cold Brew Coffee by now. If not, we can get ahead of the game. Read on…

About Cold Brew Coffee: Cold brew coffee is less acid than normal coffee, and it can keep (refrigerated) up to 2 weeks. It’s missing the subtle nuances of hot brew, but it’s enough coffee flavor to complement Soylent. Plus it has a little natural sweetness. After you have the right materials, and watch a couple YouTubes you’ll be set. It’s a 5 minute task to start a steep of cold brew, maybe another 2 minutes to strain. I steep for 24 hours, leave it on top of the fridge, and I don’t touch it once. You’ll need; burr grinder (don’t use a cheap grinder), 1 Gallon glass jar ($10 Amazon), 2 nutmilk bags ($7 per Amazon). I use 2 nutmilk bags, wrapping one inside the other to reduce floaters. 24 hours later: Filter however suits you, I use a french press. (Important) Use a coarse grind, similar to sea salt. A fine grind will produce very bitter coffee.

My Recipe:

  • Measure out your liquids - Substitute Cold Brew Coffee for (most) water.
    Depending on the concentration of your brew,cold (filtered) water can help cut the coffee flavor down. I usually do 6 cups coffee, 1 cup of water. Place into blender.

  • Add 1 Banana
    For max banana flavor, I buy almost-bad bananas, slice into 1/2" rounds, lay them flat on cookiesheet and freeze them. This makes them easy to blend in a blender. Bag them 4 hours later (keep frozen). You’ll have at least a weeks supply of bananas, they’ll probably keep for a month or longer frozen. I snack on them as well so they never last that long.

  • Add Soylent oil bottle

Blender Time 1: At this point I close the blender and mix up everything pre-powder.

  • Add your bag of Soylent Powder (1 day)

Blender Time 2: Blend for a little bit, then pull the top and scrape the sides. Re-top and blend for at least a minute, or however long you want. Blenders are all different so you’ll have to play with that. Add water to desired thickness.

Bottle & Store: I use an air-sealable glass pitcher. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours. I prefer 12 hours. Just make sure it’s cold. Warm soylent = not good. Hope you enjoy!


Soylent oil bottle might be hard to come by, since they haven’t come with the product for quite awhile.