"College Meal Plans Should Include Meal Replacements"


Short editorial, but an interesting topic. Should college/university meal plans include an option for students to get meal replacements like Soylent?


I got in contact with my college cafeteria manager asking them to offer 2.0 under the meal plan, but unfortunately it doesn’t come with a nutrition label on the bottle.


You would think that slapping a nutrition label on these bottles would be easily done and they wouldn’t have to do it for all the bottles, just bottles intended for individual sale or distribution.


My campus cafeterias have “meal replacements” available but they aren’t complete nutrition like Soylent. They have stuff like Carnation Breakfast Essentials and similar products. Good calorie/vitamin boost for a snack or for people prone to skipping breakfast, but not really suitable for a regular meal. They’re usually around $4 too so it’s more tempting to go get something more satisfying from one of the food trucks outside. It would be great to see Soylent instead.