Colon cancer + soylent


Hello all.

My grandfather has cancer. By now, it has spread to many parts of his body, but the origin is possibly (doctors could not confirm) the colon. I can’t stand watching this happen; him getting weak, depressed and refusing food. I believe soylent could fundamentaly lengthen his life.
Time is short. As I live in Europe, the wait would be long, and every month counts. Actually, I am an artist, and don’t consider myself smart enough to make a soylent formula on my own. I aim to try, of course.
Perhaps there is someone close to Latvia that could help?
Any suggestions appreciated.



Depends where in Latvia you are.
There are few different delivery guys driving constantly between delivering cargo, 1kg for about 2.5gbp, which is about 2.1 lats. So if you have anyone in UK, you can order most of components on MyProtein (or any similar providers), and some from Amazon potentially, get delivered to person within UK, then pack it up and send it over.
Initial cost to start will be a small investment to make, as bags with different powders usually have enough for few months in them. Depends on what exactly. has a lot of recipes, but you need to make nutrition profile of your father there.

I haven’t been in similar situation as yours, and do try to understand it, my small tip would be not to expect too much from anything… Hope is good, but failed over-expectations can be very painful afterwards.


If he is feeling depressed and refusing food, he probably wouldn’t want to drink Soylent. While it keeps you perfectly healthy and leaves you feeling full and satisfied after you drink it, it is not as appetizing as other food. It doesn’t have the savoury aromas of hot food or the delicious textures of solid food.

If your grandfather drank it, it would keep him as healthy as possible, but I think having nothing but cold nutrition shakes to eat would make him more depressed and less likely to want anything.

If any of his depression is caused by malnutrition, make sure he’s getting all of his vitamins and minerals. Give him a few vitamin pills on top of whatever healthy food he likes eating.