Colored Soylent


Co-workers comment on Soylent all the time…Today is bash Soylent’s color day…

Seems fine to me, but has anyone tried coloring it with food coloring etc?

Maybe do a pink version for my daughter this weekend


Someone from Ars Technica colored it green and then purple during his week long review. Didn’t really affect anything, other than making his poop more colorful. My husband bought food coloring as a joke when ours arrived, so I can make Soylent green, but I haven’t actually done it.


Pepto Bismol. Yum.

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Hadn’t thought of that…Maybe add some sparkles? Um maybe not, lol


I’ve had the same idea with my DIY.


Why does anyone care what color Soylent is? Have they never seen a malted milkshake? People are so stupid sometimes. Just looking for any reason to attack what they don’t understand. Lame.


who’s attacking? I just thought of it for the whimsy of it.


No I meant the OP’s coworkers who apparently felt the need to bash Soylent due to its color.


oh ok. sorry. For a second there I thought you where having a hallucination or something. :smile:



While that is always certainly a viable explanation, not in this case. :smiley:


On a similar subject.I tried chlorophyll to see if that would help with the gas. It is marketed as an “internal deodorant”. It’s the stuff plants use to make process sunlight and is a nice green color. It turns you poop green. I don’t mean light green. I mean green green. Green like nicely watered grass. I thought about slipping it into my wife’s food and seeing her freak out. I knew it would change the color of my poop, but even I was shocked.

Unfortunately it didn’t help the death farts of Soylent 1.0 or 1.1. :frowning: