Commercial alternative to Soylent?


I like DIYSoylent but honestly I don’t have the time to fully devote to it. Are there any commercial alternatives to Soylent that I can try out while waiting for Soylent to ship? I am looking more for a full meal replacement and not just one of those protein workout shakes.


There are not. There are a few medical food replacements that are sort of similar (Jevity, etc), but cost approximately all of your money (and still aren’t quite the same).


It also looks like Jevity isn’t really meant to be tasted. What would be closest to Soylent if nothing can actually compete with it?

#4 - 6 of these per day gets you most of your RDA and 2100 calories. Adjusting downwards with a mix of flavors can get you 100% of your potassium, and the rest can be supplemented. Magnesium RDA is generally set at 300 mg, and 6 bottles of Ensure puts you around 450 mg.

It’s not a bad product, and it’s certainly healthier than a junk food diet.

~$9.00 USD for a 4 pack. 180 bottles per month puts it at $405.00 , making it very pricey. It might serve better as a base for a DIY recipe - with a little careful planning you could pretty easily supplement macros, oat flour or corn starch, some other micros and a multivitamin to get a reasonable approximation of Soylent.


Why not wait for the real Soylent?


I found Kate Komplete ( which sells a gluten free, diary/soy free, NON-GMO vegan drink that is:
310 calories per can
8 gm fat from sunflower oil
44g carbs (19 sugars) from brown rice syrup, and agave
17g protein from rice and pea protein
bunch of vit’s and minerals and “superfoods”.

I haven’t given them a fair experiment yet. Not sure if all the fructose is a good idea, but maybe for replacing one meal. I have no affiliation with the company.


Thanks for the head’s up on Kate Komplete. It’s $4.29 per meal, and each meal only contains 310 calories. It’s no Soylent but I like what they’re going for. I still haven’t seen another product that does what Soylent is attempting to do. Looking forward to delivery day!


Because I am impatient!


Unfortunately that would be 120 grams of sugar a day; that’s 3 times the recommended daily. Not to mention al the other DVs that would be unbalanced.

This page lists all the nutrition info for Ensure Complete.


It’s not sugar that you need to be concerned about, but the effective GI. You could subsist on simple sugars as your sole carbohydrate source if you timed the uptake. It’d be annoying as hell, sure, but the point of limiting sugar is to limit the effective uptake… you don’t want too much at once, because you’ll get blood sugar spikes and develop insulin resistance.

As to the other unbalanced micros, it’d probably be easier to make your own soylent from scratch.


I bought a tub of “Raw Meal” by “Garden of Life”. Wasn’t thrilled with the taste but I wasn’t expecting a Wendy’s Frosty.


Has anyone heard of or tried or reviewed the Ka’chava meal replacement product?

(I’m not affilliated with the company in any way, just curious.)