Community Survey (and results)


I thought it would be interesting to gather some data from the Soylent community and keep the results public, so I created a survey at You can see the results once you’ve taken the (totally anonymous) survey.

I’m planning on leaving the survey up for the foreseeable future. It’ll be interesting to see how the results vary over time.

If anyone has any other questions or responses they’d like adding to the survey, let me know!


With around 80 results we can start to see some trends forming…

  • 60% of people are either making their own, or planning on making their own.
  • 75% plan on drinking at least twice a day
  • 91% want to use Soylent to improve their health
  • 69% want it to help manage weight
  • Only 41% care about nootropics
  • 73% want to spend less on Soylent than on real food


Wow. I’m most fascinated by the gender demographic. I would have expected it to be at least a LITTLE more balanced.


There’s going to be huge bias on that survey, its only going to be seen by forum goers (most of the forum activity is the soylent DIY scene), and those already visiting that website.


That’s assuming you’re trying to collect information on anyone who has heard of Soylent, ever. But since he’s specifically looking to gather data about the community (which is essentially this forum) it’s not so much of a bias as it is a focus.


I think you should add “ease of use” or something along those lines to number 6: Why do you want to use Soylent.

The primary reason /I/ want to use Soylent, is pretty much the same reason Rob created it in the first place. I dont want to have to mess around with making, eating, and cleaning up “real food”. Especially for breakfast/lunch, since I’m always “out” for those meals, not at home.

Glad I could be only the sixth female to take the survey though! WOW! Where all the ladies at?!


Nick, have you seem a decent number of responses since putting this out last year? Any new data to share?



Thanks, completely missed it. Can I blame it on my phone, since I’m not at my desk?


Huh. Did not notice the date it was created.

Need to add another option to the first question, as it’s now possible to have heard of Soylent more than six months ago… assuming you still want input, anyway.

It would be interesting to save the data and zero everything and get a new dataset, see how it compares.


Are there plans to share results by survey date (example: people early on want to drink soylent because of the whole soylent green thing but after six months they want to stay on it because they’ve gotten more dates in the last six months than in the previous six years)?


Hey there, does anyone know how is it going with the survey? It seems pretty big, so far I haven’t found any survey with more responses (6K+??)…tried to contact Nick, but he is…sleeping, not here, drinking soylent…don’t know, just not responding:)