Compare Complete Food costs

Quite proud of this.

I’ve broken out the pricing info we have from all of the Complete Food brands and put it into a sortable table, so now you can compare meal / 500kcal / day costs for each of the 'lent products.

Prices are all standardised to USD to keep things simple (with a currency conversion tooltip) and links through to either our info pages or straight through to the brands themselves.

Gone down quite well on reddit, hope you find it useful here too :slight_smile:


Thanks for the information! It really helped compare costs between products and realize that even though the outright cost of some of the items may seem large, it’s really not that bad when compared to what one would spend either in groceries or eating out several times a week.


Interesting how many are from the Netherlands it seems, thanks for the awesome link.


Helpful site, I was considering trying Huel, I have in the past tried Jimmy Joy but wasn’t a big fan…they also add a shipping cost that I couldn’t tell was included in cost per 500kcal, and Schmilk was great but I went through a ton of milk that also affected my cost per 500kcal.

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Great tool, thanks for your constant leg work!

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Just updated it with some filters. Nothing too awesome (still working on deep filtering), but these definitely help drill down a little.

You might want to add $1, to Schmilk for the cost of milk.

It’s still one of the cheapest, but it’s a bit it’s not quite fair to use the powder price when the rest take water.

Wow, great job! I had no idea there were so many. Well, I guess I’ll just stay a Soylent loyalist. (Probably the only one who’s discussion board you can log in with through GitHub!) I sure wish Soylent would bring back the bars.

I have looked at that. There are some others that recommend milk or water, or suggest other ways of mixing things up (eg adding fat/cream to keto options). I don’t think it’d be right for me to arbitrarily increase any prices, it’s just meant as a guide after all.

Nothing wrong with that @lannierose, but this bit…

that’s something I missed. EatComplete allows that too now if you wanted to leave a review :wink:

This website seems to be an upgrade to this one:

I do prefer the layout and “scroll down” UI compared to the “side scroll” of blendrunner.

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We’ve both got a place :slight_smile: BR is awesome for quickly comparing everything side by side but I wanted to make something with a bit more information, especially news and people’s experiences. Took a while for those to start coming in but now they are we’ve got reviews alongside news/info/nutrition details, and that’s really powerful I think.

I wouldn’t call it arbitrary since that’s about what I pay for milk. But if you have a better estimate (national average?), then use that.

But still, It would at very least be more accurate to say schimlk cost $6 per day, then $5 per day (and whatever the other ones are as well) even if it’s not perfect… Accuracy should matter for a guide.

Oh absolutely, but what about the ones that recommend milk or wafter, have two prices? And like I said,; what about the Keto variants where you would add MCT oil (or other oil) and double cream?

I don’t want to mislead anyone, but for accuracies sake it has to be actual product cost, not a prediction of a likely value.

Maybe go with the minimum cost to prepare the product as recommended. I imagine that for most products, the basic instructions are to add water. A lot of them may also require (not suggest, but require) a minimum amount of oil

Schmilk requires milk to be prepared correctly, iirc. That is, you could prepare it with water, but it’s not what’s required to get the base vitamins, protein and fat. So the least expensive milk would be included in the base price.

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Probably put both. Maybe a range, with the base price in ().

I realize you don’t want to guess at things, but a guess is better than no guess.