Compensation on international orders


I was very suprised to get an email saying that international orders wont be fulfilled at this point and all orders will be refunded. My main suprise was that it took you that long to recognize it to take this step. I was wondering if you are offering any additional compensation in addition to the refunding for your backers.

“At first, we thought that additional shipping costs would be the only added complexity when shipping Soylent internationally”

This sounds very naive to me if I look at people who are running a multi million dollar business. I have the feeling that you collected the money knowing, that you wont be able to ship the product in the time you estimated. The money you have collected helped you in paying your bills, setting up your business and collecting additional money. Now you have a finished product and are unable to deliver for reasons which might have been obvious if proper homework would have been done.

Long story short, I think your international backers have earned a compensation based on the support they have given the company.


I am an international “backer”, and having been part of this forum from almost the beginning… I advice you to not go down the road of asking for compensation, based on multiple similar requests and the outcome being very negatively received by the community at large. The Soylent team has been very forthcoming about giving refunds, that is all you are entitled to.


The founders are naive (were, at least, when they started the commercial Soylent project). When they started soliciting backers (including international) they weren’t a multi-million dollar business: their crowdfunding goal was $100,000. They didn’t have the necessary know-how to run such a large operation until after that, when they received venture capital funding (of course the VCs needed to protect their own investment, and started calling some of the shots). By then, the promises were already made.


Sure… but these are at least college students and I don’t think it even takes a college student to realise that international shipping wasn’t going to be their only issue right from the get go.

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that given the number of issues they faced in the US alone, these would also apply internationally and probably even worse, they could have realised this refunded the international people a long time ago but it’s better to hold on to the money to help development or gain interest and then pay it back later…

These people have been without $65? $600+? For WELL over a year now…


It’s a kick in the teeth, especially after all this time & all the posts telling us to “just be patient” etc etc. However, it’s not surprising at all, given their silence on international orders through all of this. Laughable.


Your post nearly sounds like a threat to me. It sounds like you see the community as followers instead of customers or backers. I think as a backer whose money was used to finance the project (even if it is not that much) it is my right to question the business strategy for international shipping.

This was the first time I invested in a kickstarter project and based on my experience here will be the last. All I can think about right now is that international customers have been scammed. While scamming is a very hard word I would like you to think about it: At what point did they knew that international shipping is not going to happen soon? The probably did not figure it out last week. And what did they do when they figured it out? Nothing up till now. I don’t know anything about their finances but they could have just taken all the international payments, put it into a bank account and waited for their interest on it for a nice profit while their backers will leave empty handed without the product or interest.

I am not the kind of guy who will demand compensation and bully the soylent support but I think I have the right to ask if this is something the soylent crew have thought about.

That said, I still believe in the product those guys are producing and will try it out once it comes to Europe. @JulioMiles


Pretty much. At the very least, I would have liked them to send out “fair warning” emails to international customers, letting them know their plans, so they could at least have the chance to go with re-shippers instead of having to order & wait again.

I’m an international backer from the summer of 2013. I just got lucky in going with a reshipper a few days ago. Had I not done so, I’d be kinda screwed right now - and even more PO’d than I was before. (after you pass the 1 year mark, patience has nothing to do with it any more)

I hope they can sort this international dealio out, because it’s pretty hard to “solve the global food crisis” if you can’t even ship it across the border to Canada yet.

All the best.


Wasn’t a threat heh. Was “aggressivly” pointing out the fact that the subject of compensation is something that has been agressivly been debated on these forums a few times. There are a few factors that currently makes compensation out of the question… (Unless a box of Soylent dropped from a plane and landed on your legs :slight_smile: ) they are not a huge multi bilion company with a huge surplus of cash to throw at everyone. They are selling Soylent at a low profit margin, so much cheaper currently would result in them throwing their money at us. They have to pay back their other investers also. :slight_smile: it’s not that I disagree this sucks for us internationals, it’s simply that next to a refund we are out of options.


I was about to disagree with your first post until I saw you give more detail. I think the issue with the international backers is different than with the delays for other orders. And I think they did provide T-shirts for delayed customer orders… At least one set of them. I’d be disappointed if Rosa Labs didn’t do at least as much.

@JulioMiles will you at least keep their information in the system, so if they use a reshipper or you figure out international down the line, they will still retain backer priority?


Fryer: Try out Joylent - an european alternative. I got it a week ago and so far so good. I will see in a week but probably will order more.
It’s bloody free market. If you don’t like their approach go elsewhere.