Compiled list of what is in soylent 1.0


So… Does anyone have just a list of exactly how much of each nutrient is in the “final” 1.0 version of Soylent? As the blog posts were a little hard to read, and figure out a nice list in my head. And before I go through the trouble of doing it myself, I am asking if anyone has already done that.


Also, it could be interesting if some independent sources could run a nutritional analysis of the final Soylent product.


Soylent has a Carbohydrate/Fat/Protein ratio of 50/30/20. Assuming that
Fat: 1 gram = 9 calories
Protein: 1 gram = 4 calories
Carbohydrates: 1 gram = 4 calories

Then the formulas have the following macronutrient breakdown:

1800 Calorie Formula: 225 g Carbs / 60 g Fat / 90 g Protein
2000 Calorie Formula: 250 g Carbs / 66.67 g Fat / 100 g Protein
2200 Calorie Formula: 275 g Carbs / 73.33 g Fat / 110 g Protein

List of Nutrients Below

Oat Flour (110g)
Maltodextrin (165g)
Brown Rice Protein Isolate (102g)
Canola Oil (56g)
Fish Oil (6.4g)
Fiber (38g)

Soy Lecithin (6g)
Gum Arabic (4.5g)
Vanillin (1.8g)
Sucralose (60mg)

Potassium (3500mg) from Potassium Gluconate (15,750mg)
Sodium (1500mg) from Sodium Chloride (2100mg)
Calcium (1000mg) from Calcium Carbonate (2500mg)
Phosphorus (700mg) from Oat Flour
Magnesium (400mg) from Oat Flour
Vitamin Bp (550) from Choline Bitartrate (1375mg)
Vitamin C (90mg) as Ascorbic Acid
Vitamin B3 (16mg) as Niacin
Vitamin E (15mg) as Alpha-tocopherol
Zinc (11mg) from Zinc Sulfate (27.5mg)
Iron (21.6mg) from Oat Flour and Rice Protein
Vitamin B5 (5mg) as Calcium d-pantothenate
Manganese (2.3mg) from Manganese Sulfate (6.4mg)
Vitamin B2 (1.3mg) as Riboflavin
Vitamin B6 (1.3mg) as Pyridoxine HCL
Vitamin B1 (1.2mg) as Thiamin HCL
Vitamin A (900ug) from Retinyl palmitate (1636ug)
Copper (900ug) from Copper Gluconate (6429ug)
Vitamin B9 (400ug) as Folic Acid
Iodine (150ug) from Potassium Iodide
Vitamin K (120ug) as Phytonadione
Selenium (55ug) from Sodium Selenite (120ug)
Molybdenum (45ug) from Sodium Molybdate (98ug)
Chromium (35ug) from Chromium Chloride (106ug)
Vitamin B7 (30ug) as Biotin
Vitamin D (15ug) as Ergocalciferol
Vitamin B12 (2.4ug) as Cyanocobalamin


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