Complaint against Soylent


I would like to log a complaint against Soylent. I bought a new belt about a month and a half ago because my old one was… old and starting to come apart. I am now on my second to last notch and am afraid that I may have to buy a new belt before too long. Also, while I am able to wear some clothes I couldn’t fit into before, I also am left with a few pants that are becoming increasingly baggy and ill-fitting.

I blame most of this on Soylent.


How is it Soylent’s fault that you over eat?


Over-eat? No! My problems is that my waist is shrinking and my clothes are starting to not fit anymore!


Ah sorry I misread your post.

How is it Soylent’s fault that you are under eating?


… Sigh, the post was made tongue-in-cheek. The truth is, that it is a complement towards Soylent as it is producing positive benefits with regards to my weight.

I suppose I shouldn’t have left off the ‘/s’. :stuck_out_tongue:


Weight loss has been my personal experience as well.
I just ordered some Ensure Plus (350cals per 8oz) to supplement my daily intake.
At this point I am planning to add one Ensure Plus along with the Soylent 2.0 I have been using.
I have been consuming Soylent as my primary diet (60-90%) for a year now (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 2.0).
I do try to have more than 2000 calories per day but sometimes don’t get there.
If the Ensure Plus tastes okay and adds more calories to my overall diet then I may use it a bit more.
FWIW I did buy some new pants and they fit much better but it would be nice to gain a bit of weight back too.


Look on the bright side… Maybe you still have old clothes you’ve been keeping because you thought “Someday I’ll fit in this again”…

On a different level though, that’s positive feedback for hoarders…


Reading comprehension. You do not have it.


Don’t worry, I think everyone else got it…


I’ll start replacing your order with pure sugar immediately! Congrats on the weight loss.


To be honest I stopped reading the OP’s “complaint” before the last line. If you take that out the “complaint” could have been about either condition.


As my friends often tell me: You have to read all the words… :stuck_out_tongue:



Rather than replacing his order with sugar, and risking further complaints later on when he inevitably develops diabetes, wouldn’t it be more economical to simply add a free hole punch to his next shipment? Then he can add infinite additional holes to his new belt, which solves both the problem of the new belt not fitting and the old pants being too loose(because he can use the belt to tighten them)

Maybe hole punches can be a new standard item included in the starter kits.


That’s brilliant! But it will have to be one of those heavy duty leather hole punches!


Plot twist! I already have Diabetes, type 2! That brings another complaint to mind! I started going on pretty much 100% Soylent a year ago and my A1c levels have dropped from 6.5 prior to starting to 5.9 then a couple of months ago to 5.8. Because of this, my doctor took me off of one of my medications. I have almost a full bottle of this medication that I already paid for and I can’t return! Wasted! See that! Soylent is a menace!


Those bastards. Next thing you know they will lower your cholesterol without asking.


Poor Nano. Soylent has caused you nothing but health.


I know what the OP means. I had to toss/donate several thousand dollars worth of cloths. Bought a bunch of new cloths … and now those new cloths are again too big, sigh! :blush: