Complete Food Survey 2019

Hello Soylenters!

I am here to talk about the Complete Food Survey.

We, customers of Soylent/Huel/other brands, often have no platform to share our opinions with the manufacturers. These forums and others can be useful, but often feel like writing to a wall. Because of that, the Complete Food Survey was created, a platform where brands collectively listen to the customers.

For now is just but a survey, where some brands collaborate to gather the insights from the customers, but I hope that this will change as the Survey collects more responses and gains strength.

As it is, it is a survey created in two parts, with questions on topics that brands have direct interest on and a section with more open-ended questions to raise your concerns and thoughts (Canadian affair, lack of communications etc).

I would love if you could share your opinions by filling out the survey.

Link to the survey :

You can find more information on the survey and the results of previous years’ here:

Thank you!