Complete/Incomplete Proteins


Looks like all the protein in Soylent 1.0 is from rice. Is that a complete protein, or will it be missing some essential amino acids?


First of all, please use the search function before asking questions.

Rice may very well not be a complete protein. Incomplete does not mean it lacks a type of amino acid entirely, just that when eating the minimum amount of protein there is a shortage. Soylent has adequate protein to make this a non issue.

This has been discussed on this forum before, it should not be that hard to find.


Thanks! I searched the forum for “rice complete protein” and got the following results, none of which address my question:

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Brown rice protein contains all 9 essential amino acids. It is not a “complete protein.” Having all 9 essential amino acids however, means that your body can synthesize the remaining ones it needs. Some of the 9 essential amino acids are lower in brown rice protein then they are in other sources, but at the amounts consumed in Soylent they are adequate.


Yeah, that’s a disappointing discovery - the search function is a little useless. That being said, searching the terms individually, and using google gives you plenty of results. Soylent will have complete protein amounts because it’s using complementary sources.


I’m glad you mentioned complementary sources because I should have mentioned that, that there is protein in the oats too, that combined with the rice and you got plenty of protein that your body needs.