Complete Ketosoylent recipe w/ ordering links


Yudkowsky’s Mildly Surprising Super Ketonic Dietary Replacement Fluid: Your Alternative To Healthy Eating

This is my Ketosoylent recipe. It worked for 25 pounds of weight loss over 5 months Jan-May, and then apparently stopped working. I haven’t been able to restart that weight loss, but I need to make another pass soon, since I’ve gained back around 12 of the lost pounds since then. Suggested revisions from readers with nutritional knowledge are solicited, ESPECIALLY if you are making your own homemade Soylent or you are actually trying out variations of the recipe. Anyone who follows the link should be able to comment. Stupid comments will be deleted. Comments that talk about “calories” or “fat” as if that were a thing will be considered stupid relative to the required level of nutritional knowledge.

I have pre-done as much work as possible when it comes to setting up this diet, including links to all the online sources where I ordered ingredients or tools - please mark any links that no longer function.


It’s interesting to see that you’ve been using the Perfect Health Diet as a micronutrient reference as well. I, too, have not found a better resource.

Have you tried their recommendation for ketogenic diets, which is to intentionally include 50g of starch (200 calories) per day to avoid glucose deficiency (for the sake of mucus production and immune functioning)?

Wait… You’re the author of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality?

Can I have your autograph? :stuck_out_tongue: