Complete soylent nutritional label? (NOT the one on

I’m trying to find a complete nutritional breakdown for soylent, listing numbers, not percentages of daily values, for each nutrient. Currently, the main page on lists #s for a small portion of the nutrients, while the informational booklet that comes with each shipment lists a few more, and the nutritional label lists others (though most of those are given as percentages of RDI, which makes it somewhat labor intensive to find the actual mg/ug/etc. involved, and/or somewhat confusing). Is there a complete, accurate nutritional label for soylent anywhere that gives nutrient values by weight (mg, ug, etc.), not % of RDI?

(1.4 and 1.5 on different tabs)


I’m not sure. Looking at that, it seems to be giving the quantities of the ingredients used, not the quantities of the nutrients.

Did you open the spreadsheet. It gives everything.

Scroll to the bottom of the list. Then start scrolling right.