Compostable Soylent Bottles?

I’ve been drinking Soylent for a few years now - started out with powder and eventually moved to the 2.0 bottles - which I love! It is so easy to just grab and go…but I’ve been increasing my intake and becoming more concerned about the environmental impact this may have.

Has there been any work done on creating Soylent bottles that would be compostable?

Here is the article that prompted my question:


We always look at new packaging options. But you do have to balance costs. On top of that we also have to consider manufacturing difficulties. For example, 2.0 uses a bottling process called aseptic processing. This process involved high heat levels and if the bottle can’t handle them we can’t even consider using said container.


I had to google that term.

Good to know :nerd:


Good to know. Hope that you folks will find a way to do something of the sort in the not-too-distant future. :slight_smile:

Ok, so the factors slowing this down are costs and aseptic processing…

Why not establish a premium product? Try to begin shifting the cost equation…ramping up supply&demand to bring costs down.

As far as aseptic processing goes I know almost nothing about this, but my ignorance and confidence bring Brian Regan to mind: “they put a man on the moon”.

Aseptic is a tricky one. It’s a very brutal process on packaging. Lots of heat, washing, sterilizing. The person that figures out how to make more sustainable/compostable packaging hold up to aseptic - or a new sterile/shelf stable process as reliable as aseptic - will be a very rich person. We’ve looked into everything that exists today, and nothing comes close to being able to do what we can now, but we’re still looking and pushing our partners to keep working on better solutions! With enough minds and money, they did put a man on the moon though!
– John