Composting / Vermicomposting Soylent?

I recently got an odd batch of Soylent, long story short, it had a pretty bad bitter aftertaste that wasn’t like the Soylent I had previously.

Customer Service was awesome and it sending me a replacement, but I’m rather afraid to try the other 6 bags. I don’t like just tossing food, so I’m curious if anyone has any experience with using it in compost or vermicompost?

I have both set up, and if no one has tried this, it’s going to be experiment time, and I’ll post the results here. :smile:


I’m really curious about this… If you give it dry, you’ll need to add water. If you mix it with water, it will be too wet… And a paste won’t mix well…

Would love to hear back after the experiments.

If you think it’s different from what you should be getting, you can definitely contact Soylent customer support about the issue.

Edit: toootally misread, now I see that you contacted customer support

I can’t see why worms wouldn’t love it.