Con-goers of the community, what would you want to see in a panel on soylent / future food / powdered food? [X-post]


So here’s an idea I’ve been kicking around for a little while now, especially since the convention season. Why not have a panel at a major convention? This would be in the guise of many fan-based panels, where usually it’s people that just show their own interest in a subject making discussion.

Would also be a good central focus to get more people interested, and bring together others that are already a part of the community in some fashion.

Most panels are pretty much about ~30 minutes of Talk on a subject for any newcomers or interesting facts for people that may already know what’s going on, and then 15 - 30 minutes discussion after the fact.

DIY, food-facts, ‘current state of the industry (competitors, shipping woes, costs, etc)’ are a couple off the cuff things I can think of that might be fun to talk about.

Given the relatively short time, unless other panels were also made alongside, what kinds of discussion or topics would you want to see?