Concern about Soylent 1.1 v 1.0: Thinner drink = sugar crash?


I have another thread which is talks about how I am getting food crashes on soylent 1.1. Whoever is not on 1.1 yet, soon will be and I’m sure more will experience this (some have already chimed in on my thread sharing similar experiences). :

At first I thought the soylent was the same but that I wasn’t drinking enough water. I tried drinking extra water which certainly helped boost my energy per meal, but I still didnt feel great.

I then made a batch of 1.0 today because I was in too much of a hurry to open up another 1.1 box and had a Eureka moment. 1.0 is far thicker than the grainy 1.1.
Then another eureka moment: I drank soylent 1.0 with about 10% less water than I consume with 1.1. Therefore water could be eliminated as an issue the issue. Something then must be inherently different about 1.0 and 1.1.
If the only changes made were 1)reducing sucralose by half and 2)adding enzymes which break down the soylent, which was it?

I did more thinking and came to the conclusion that if a) as people mentioned, fiber slows down the digestion of the maltodextrin etc, thus lowering glycemic index (GI), then b) pure viscosity must also have an impact on slowing down digestion, and therefore GI.

if soylent 1.1 is thinner, and b) is true, it must have a higher GI which is causing the malto etc to absorb too quickly and frankly make me go brain dead. The guess is the thinness is coming from 2).

Does anyone agree with this, and if so, wouldn’t the solution be to remove the enzymes? I still have gas even with the enzymes, and if my hypothesis is true, they are causing the drink to make me feel quite horrid and foggy, so I think it’s worth having @soylent review the implementation of enzymes and follow user experiences in this thread.

Another HUGE point to mention is that people are reporting feeling less full one 1.1. I noticed this myself, but it didn’t really hit me until i went back to 1.0 and noticed the feeling of satiety which 1.1 doesn’t provide. I think these items should be looked into.


Man this worries me… we have about 20 bags of 1.0 left and just got our first week of 1.1. I’m seriously concerned about the issues people are reporting.

Has anyone from @Soylent corporate had anything to say about any of this at all? Even just a “we’re looking into it”?


I kind of figured they did a round of testing with some of the original beta testers, but I have no evidence to back that up. Or perhaps we are the guinea pigs.


No spikes for me and when I got my 1.1 I switched from taking a meal with me to just chugging down a meal or slightly less for breakfast before work. I did this for 6 days on 1.1 and then I switched back to my 1.0 formula and continued to do the same. 1.1 goes down easier for sure, but no crashes at all for either formula.

If you do say it’s the thinness causing it, you could simply add less water or xanthum gum to make it thicker and that would fix your issues. I would try that and see how it works out, for you. :stuck_out_tongue:


What we need is hard data. If you were able to measure your blood sugar after drinking both 1.0 and 1.1 (on different mornings, of course), then we’d have more concrete information.

I haven’t tried 1.0, but speaking strictly for myself, switching my diet to Soylent (1.1) has eliminated my mid-afternoon ‘head nods’.

Still, I’m not content with that. This weekend, I’m planning on measuring the effect of Soylent on my blood sugar. I have a bag of 1.0, which I traded for with a friend so he could try 1.1, and after reading your post, it occurs to me that I could add it to my test trial.


I haven’t seen anything so far, and there are a few lengthy threads where they’ve been tagged that I’ve been reading.

Knowing them, they’re holding their tongues until they do some research internally and can give us some kind of answer. I wish they’d stop doing that. :slight_smile:


It’s hard for me to determine the cause of my crashes on 1.1, as I’ve been getting 4-6 hours of sleep a night since I started soylent with 1.0, and it may be a cumulative effect… but I do actually have some 1.0 left and I might try it to see if I can avoid crashing on it.

I’ve always wondered though: Why does soylent bother with fast carbs in the first place? Do we actually need them, or are they just a convenient source of quick energy? I’d rather train my body to digest slow energy sources than have it rely on fast carbs.


Interestingly, there’s a chance I may be suffering from dehydration… I have most of these symptoms…

Guess I need about a litre of water more than what soylent is providing


I’m pretty sure it has to do with digestibility, and flavor. Maltodextrin is easier to digest than raw oats, and has a sweeter taste. At least this is what I’ve read.


Are you not drinking water in addition to Soylent? Soylent does not provide all the water you need, nor is it designed to. You have to drink as much or more water than you did before Soylent.


I saw another thread which mentioned that adding enzymes to 1.0 made the consistency more like 1.1 and more watery.

Seems like Soylent might be in a bit of catch 22, if they need to cater to people who have the gas issues.

Personally (having never experienced 1.0), 1.1 does a pretty good job of keeping me sated. I wouldn’t say full, but sated is good enough for a work day.


What can I say, I’m a derp.


Still, This issue doesnt happen with 1.0 holding water intake constant in the trials ive done


I noticed the other day that it specifically says in the Soylent instructions that you still need to drink water.


Well that’s good. I wonder why its getting missed…


Even with a traditional diet a lot of people don’t consume enough water.


Water intake doesn’t seem to prevent the issue regardless. I think ive figure out a solution though. With refrigeration 1.1 seems to thicken and go down slower without causing a crash. Ill experiment a few more days to confirm but it seems to be working much better than no refrigeration.


Right, sorry for the spam. >.>

I believe Xanthan gum has been shown to provide the same thickening. Perhaps it will cause the carbs to be more evenly distributed?


Ignore what I said on the refrigeration. It turned out I had accidentally been using 1.0 the past few days which explains why “refrigeration” seemed to be fixing the issue and why I was suddenly feeling so good. I have some 1.0 bags laying around still, so to avoid mixups I dug into a 1.1 box to make sure I was using the right formula. Results as follows:

1.1 separates despite refrigeration. I refrigerated 1.1 today for about 1.5 hours and it was separated when I took it out of the fridge (unlike 1.0 which stays emulsified. I consumed 1.1 in smaller portions through the day as others suggested. And I’m still getting the same damned crash, even off of a 16 oz cups serving. On 1.0 I feel AMAZING, like being on a caffeine high. On 1.1 I feel like shit.

This is ultra annoying and I really think I’m going to cancel my sub. There’s no way I can be on basically a constant food coma in my profession, especially considering that I’m doing grad school right now too.

I might try the xanthan gum, but i’d really hate adding another step to this.


For what it’s worth, Soylent has always separated even with refrigeration. It requires a good shaking between every pour. I’ve never heard anyone say otherwise, but that’s always been my experience with 1.0. Didn’t really notice any difference in that regard with 1.1. I just overall don’t enjoy drinking 1.1.