Concern re possible systematic nutrient qty errors


I just learned in another thread that protein sources typically contain significant qty’s of sulfur. But when I look at various recipes none of the protein ingredients show/add value to the sulfur nutrient measure.

This might not matter in this case in practical terms, but it means that, that measure is off in all recipes.

Is this a rare anomaly we can fix with a little more awareness, or is it reflective of a wider more concerning problem?


Some amino acids contain sulfur, but not all. Each protein source has amino acids in different quantities, so unless the nutritional information has the full amino acid profile for a serving, it’s not possible to know how much sulfur comes from the protein.

After finding out what the amino acid profile is for the ingredient, you’ll have to do math to figure out how that translates into the amount of sulfur in a serving of the ingredient. It might be the case that someone else has already calculated the amount of sulfur in one mole of each amino acid, and that should be enough to figure out. identifies the amino acids that contain sulfur.

On a side note, Rob suffered symptoms of sulfur deficiency even though he was (iirc) getting more than enough protein from a complete protein source. I think most soylents have far more than the reported amount of sulfur, but without doing a lot of investigation and math afterward, the recipes misreport the truth.


cystiene is 29% sulfur by weight and methionine is 21%


And how much of that can/do we actually release?
Almost everything we ingest has some nutritional value to us one way or the other. Good luck accounting for every possibility.


Don’t be so picky! And, good luck working that out! Really? Am I really where I thought I was?

So I’m a little surprised, and, still a little confused. Does the 2g Sulfur of “Rob’s newest recommendation” take into account the hidden sulfur on average or does it not really matter to meet this ingredient requirement? Or perhaps, given we’re all driven to light our nutrient profiles fully green i.e. 100%, it actually matters more to just get it wrong and add another 2g unnecessarily so at least it looks right?

But what I still most want to know is how widespread the problem is? Should we compile a list of tricky little problems Ike this, so at least we can be aware of them and account intuitively as best we can. Or would it be too short to call it a list anyway?


Which thread?
How much is a “significant quantity”?


Cystiene and methionine. You can google the % by weight , im on my phone right now.


Methionine, cysteine, homocysteine, and taurine are the 4 common sulfur-containing amino acids, but only the first 2 are incorporated into proteins.