Concerning Blood Panel Results


I am using an anonymous account since I prefer not to post personal health information online.

For some context, I am a long time soylent user who very much likes the product and company. I was an initial crowd funder and I have remained with the product since then using every version except 1.1. Most recently I have been consuming 2.0 very happily. I have been consuming between 50-75% soylent (initially powder then pre-mixed liquid) for at least the past year. I recently had a WellnessFX “Performance” blood panel performed and I was concerned with the results.

My situation is somewhat complicated since (a) I don’t consume a Soylent only diet and (b) I have no previous blood panel from which to infer changes. Also, I am a vegetarian (with the exception of some of the oil bottles in the old powdered versions of soylent) meaning that I do not eat meat or seafood but that I do eat eggs and dairy products. I am a 35 year old male who is ~6’ tall and ~195 lbs.

I am interested in community feedback for (a) how to improve my problematic results and (b) if other soylent users have seen similar concerning blood panel results.

My high risk areas are:

3.2 Triglycerides to HDL Ratio (>=3 high risk)
87 mg/dL Apo B (>=80 high risk)
56 nmol/L SHBG (>=51 high risk)
3.2 mg/dL Bilirubin (>=1.3 high risk)
30 mmol/L CO2 (>=30 high risk)
106 x10E3/μL Platelet Count (<155 high risk)
13.5 fL Mean Platelet Volume (>=11.6 high risk)
3.3 x10E3/μL White Blood Cell Count (<3.8 high risk)

The other 63 measurements were in the “low risk” ranges.

Any pointers for how to improve my risk areas are appreciated. Ideally, I would like to remain on a mostly Soylent diet. Would moving to 100% Soylent (and hence removing some of the junk food that I eat) help?


My first thought is to get a second opinion from an actual doctor. It’s not impossible the lab messed up so getting results from another lab might be a good idea.

My second thought is to lose weight. Unless you are a bodybuilder you are overweight and that isn’t helping. Cutting out the junk food will definitely help and of course exercise.


Discuss this further with your doctor and possibly get a second lab test because it is possible there was error. It also wouldn’t hurt to get check-ups a little more often so that you would have something to compare your recent results.

I am not sure how accurate BMI calculators are as they don’t take into account your hip size and proportions. But apparently, you are considered overweight with a BMI of 26.4.

What are you eating that consists of the 40% of your diet? It might be helpful to think more about this and make adjustments. Also, if you lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle, exercise may help. Exercise helps most people because the body needs movement or else it weakens. A fit person, for example, has a resting heart rate at about 60 BPM and someone that barely exercises would have a resting heart rate of 90 which increases risks to various illnesses.

It may also be a good idea to talk to your family about your families health record. What, if any, diseases run in the family such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.

Added: Soylent is a High Fat Low Carb diet (HFLC) and perhaps the other 40% may be throwing off the ratio and may be turning it into High Carb Low Fat? Something to think about.