Condense a day's worth of nutrients of soylent in one meal?



I was wondering if its possible to make a recipe that is only for one meal. It would contain all the micro nutrients for a day and the macro nutrients for only one meal.

I just want to replace my breakfast and at the same time make sure that I get all my nutrients.


The trouble with that is your body only takes what it needs. Ideally, you’d break your Soylent into like 5 small “meals” to achieve as close to 100% as possible. If you eat all your nutrients at once, your body will end up not using most of it.

Sounds like you could do a Soylent breakfast and a One-a-Day vitamin to get what you’d need.


I’m not sure this post is quite reading correctly. I think the OP is asking how to mix only a single meal’s worth of Soylent, not how to make a full day’s nutrients in a single meal.

Am I right?

If I am, then you just would mix up an entire pouch of Soylent, and drink about 1/3 of that each day for breakfast. A single pitcher’s worth will easily last 3 days in the fridge, no problem.


I think what he wants is to drink an entire pouch worth in one meal, basically cramming the entire pouch of nutrients into one meal and not having to eat for the rest of the day unless he gets hungry.


I think what the original poster would like is a Soylent drink with 100% of the recommended daily micro-nutrients based on a 2000 Calorie diet in a single meal sized (600 or 700 Calorie) drink, which would then allow for him to consume deep fried Twinkies for his remaining daily Calories while still being moderately healthy.

I do think that something like that could be a welcome addition to the market, but there would obviously be some risks, for instance if it included 100% of the daily sodium allowance but only 1/3 of the daily calories then it is likely in the US that the other meals will put daily sodium consumption way above what would be ideal. Additionally there is a problem with absorption of nutrients that lchabod13 mentions.


@gambit you got it right, that is what I really wanted. I guess a recipe that takes those factors(such as salt, as you mentioned) into account would work right?. I wasn’t planning on buying Soylent really, I wanted to make a soylent recipe that would fit my needs.

@Ichabod13 won’t that give me micro’s over my daily need? doesn’t that cause problems?


As would eating 100% of your daily nutrients in 1 meal. Your body will simply not absorb what it doesn’t need at that time. Definitely, some things in excess can cause issues. You also have to look at your current diet and see how close to 100% do you get ? I’d consider myself low on everything and eating just 1 Soylent meal a day would vastly improve my nutrition. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t strive for the 100% number and probably never will. Soylent will be as close as I’ll get and I plan to do a 1/2 meal for breakfast and lunch and a full meal for dinner. This would put me at around 60% value and I’m just fine with that! :slight_smile:


For some nutrients, namely potassium, this would be really dangerous. Ill add sources later, but basically potassium has to be consumed ib small concentrations or else it will damage the intestines


How about I aim for ~60% to ~70% of the micro’s?


Why not?! I can do it.

Pls. adjust your final specs according to @malove2play and @Ichabod13 suggestions and let me know by PM. Then I will be interested your review.


So this is what I came up with, I have only changed the flour, protein powder, the oil and salt and everything else got lowered on its on. potassium is 77% and sodium is 57%


This reminds me of a Simpsons episode when Homer unlocked the awesome power of bar pressed food


Yeah, I’d also be careful with Vitamin A, D, E and K which are fat soluble. For instance, taking like 500% DV of fat soluble vitamins or something like that in one meal might not be the best idea. :smile: People on the forums and DIY section have also reported pissing neon colors from megadoses of Vitamin Bs.


My guess is that the nutriets present in a multivitamin are guaranteed safe in those amounts, so dont worry about those, but anything not present in multivitamins might require some research.


Actually I think the safest way would be to just make a drink out of the flour, protein powder and the oil and then just eat it with a good multivitamin.


@bilal2206 - good and simple recipe (if you find a complete multivitamin).

During my study of nutrients and it’s influence on the body - I found that missing one particular ingredient can spoil your mood for several hours. For instance - woman when experience PMS - eat a lot of food in quest for only one element … Zinc.


I’m pretty sure the one thing we’re questing for is chocolate.


Mmmmmmmm, chocolate.


chocolate is definitely a essential nutrient

I was thinking of this multivitamin according to labdoor’s recommendation.


Thanks for a link to a good review @bilal2206

But you choice has some surprises:

Vitamin B = 3,333% - welcome yellow urine!
Sodium = 1%, Postassium 1% - welcome headaches!

But don’t worry - there is no one complete multivitamin…